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Real Home Tour: Small Space Tips From A Stylish 660 Square Foot Apartment

Small spaces come with their own set of unique challenges. But just because you’re short on space doesn’t mean you can’t live large. And today, I’m showing you how one compact apartment (measuring a mere 660 square feet) was transformed into a fashionable – and most importantly functional – home by my friend, Andrés (Dru) Ortega.

After moving in in 2019, Dru and his partner lived – and worked – in this 660-square-foot NYC apartment during the entire pandemic (which is no small feat in such a small home). And after spending so much time in a compact footprint, he definitely learned a thing or two about how to maximize minimal space. So we’re sharing 5 of the best small space tips from Dru’s apartment – and showing you how to make your own small space even more functional.



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1. Choose Double Duty Furniture 

When area is limited, you need to think about multifunctionality to make the most of your space. In Dru’s living room, a large dresser serves as both an entry table, a console for displaying decor, and a substantial storage piece. He also opted for a coffee table that consists of three small side tables – that can easily be pulled apart for more space.

2. Opt For A Round Dining Table 

For a diminutive dining area, a round pedestal dining table will always be a smart design decision. In Dru’s space, a round top was a real no-brainer: it offers a better flow without blocking his patio door (or creating any corners to bump into), while still allowing him to squeeze in seating for 6.

3. Free Up Surfaces and Floor Space 

Surfaces and floor space are precious commodities in compact homes. So choosing pieces that take up little space is essential. Dru went with a pair of plug-in wall sconces that offer function – and free up the nightstands. And instead of a large bench at the end of the bed, a pair of smaller (and foldable) X frame stools offer seating that takes up a lot less floor space.

4. A Compact Desk Creates A Work Zone

Creating an area to work in became essential for Dru once the pandemic hit. But it also required getting creative – and scaling down. So in a corner of the bedroom, he added a compact desk that would be functional without being obtrusive once the workday was over. Plus, he could shut the bedroom doors for a bit of separation when his partner was also working at the dining table.

5. Bring In Storage Solutions

If your small space is lacking storage (as most are), you’ll want to seek out smart – and slender- storage pieces that will keep things in place without taking up much space. A slim storage cabinet, like the one Dru added to his bathroom, can hold all sorts of items you need to access regularly. You can also bring in a tall, thin bookcase to a living room, or add shallow, floating shelving in the kitchen or entryway.