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Shackets: What Are They? (And Why You Should Definitely Be Wearing One)

Maybe you haven’t heard the term “shacket” – but chances are, you’ve seen it (or even worn it). The versatile piece – that’s a combo of a shirt and a jacket, btw – has been popping up everywhere this winter. And even if you’re not prepared to add the term to your vocabulary – you will definitely want to make room for it in your wardrobe.    

Taking elements from a classic shirt design (namely a collar and button-up placket) and combining them with heavier weight materials (like flannel, wool, or sturdy cotton) the shacket is the hybrid piece we’re not sure how we lived without. It’s equally stylish whether worn on a zoom call, a quick walk around the block, a casual Saturday, or a dressed-up dinner. And because it’s made to be layered, it’s also versatile enough to be worn in varying weather conditions (ok, maybe not a heatwave). So get in on this trend – and find out about all the racket on shackets.


Keep scrolling to see 18 stylish shackets for women and men that you’ll want to be wearing – starting at just $20.


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Plain front, plaid, fleece, or flannel – there’s a shacket style that will look great on you! Check out these versatile picks for women that you’ll definitely want to add to your cart (and your closet).


1. Plaid Shirt Jacket | 2. Chore Jacket | 3. Sweat Shacket | 4. Soft-Brushed Utility Shirt Jacket | 5. Oversized Shirt Jacket | 6. Wool Shirt Jacket | 7. Long Sleeve Chore Jacket | 8. Oversized Flannel Button Up Shirt Jacket | 9.  Denim Shirt Jacket 




Photo: Next

Consider the shacket your new go-to addition for just about any outfit. You can layer a lighter weight version under a parka or try a turtleneck with a fleece shacket as your outerwear.  Whatever your preference, here are a few of our favorites to get you started.


1. Chamois Shirt Jacket | 2. Solid Shirt Jacket | 3. Washed Work Shirt Jacket | 4. Knit Chore Shirt Jacket | 5. Heavyweight Overshirt | 6. Fleece Overshirt | 7. Shirt Jacket | 8. Faux Leather Shirt Jacket | 9. Twill Shirt Jacket



What’s your take on this trend? Let us know in the comments below.