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Shopping Vintage For Your Home: Where To Look, What To Search For Online, & How To Score The Best Deals

Looking for a way to add instant character to your interior? Try looking to the past. Shopping vintage furnishings is an ideal option for discovering totally unique pieces that will make your space stand out. But knowing where to look (and what to look for) can help you narrow your search – and avoid hours of endless scrolling. And Bobby’s got all the info you need to find the very best vintage pieces online.

Whether you’re a novice or a vintage shopping virgin, there are lots of things to learn when to comes to finding great pieces. And it all begins with knowing where to start your search – and what items you should have your eye on. Finding that unique piece (or two, or three) that’s just right for your home is easier than you think – with a little planning (and all of Bobby’s best tips of course). So get ready to get your vintage on and find your new favorite home furnishings!


Keep scrolling to learn where to shop online, what to search for, and what Bobby always looks for when picking out vintage pieces.


Where To Shop

So you’re ready to find that perfectly patinaed piece for your space? There are plenty of options to pursue online, but you’ll definitely want to focus on specific sites depending on what you’re after.


  • CRAIGSLIST, FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE, and OFFERUP are all excellent options for just about any sort of vintage furniture, lighting, or accessories. They have huge assortments that change daily, so checking in regularly is always a good idea. They also allow you to search within a specific distance, making it a cinch to shop local (and easier to pick up your purchases).


  • Etsy may be one of our favorites for all things handmade, but it’s also a great resource for very good vintage furniture and decor too.


  • eBay AND EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE are both auction-style marketplaces with a wide array of vintage items. They each have very detailed product categories, so you can really narrow down your search, and allow you to follow an auction for up-to-date bidding.


  • CHAIRISH offers a highly curated collection of over 85,000 items. The price points are a little higher on this site, but they have some of the best listings you’ll find anywhere.


See our step-by-step guides for using Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and OfferUp below!

Photo: Beni Rugs

What To Look For

The internet is like an endless warehouse filled with loads of vintage furnishings of every style, size, and price point. So instead of aimlessly searching for hours, it’s a very good idea to narrow your focus (before you’re bombarded with options). Here are some of our fool-proof suggestions for searching like a pro – and what to look for in listings.


    Sometimes, finding just what you’re looking for is all about the wording. And expanding your search terms can help you find even more options. If you’re looking for a Mid-Century piece, also try searching for “Danish”, “1950s-60s” or the name of a specific designer or brand, like Eames or Herman Miller.


    Most listings will include several photos of the piece (and a note on the condition), so be sure to take a good look to ensure there are no major flaws. These are vintage pieces, so you can expect some minor wear and tear, but you don’t want to be surprised by any unexpected damage after you’ve purchased. You can also reach out to the seller with any questions prior to pulling the trigger.


    It’s not just about the bigger pieces. There are also so many unique vintage ceramics, serving pieces, baskets, decor, mirrors and, artwork out there too. So don’t miss out on shopping for the smaller items that can be one-of-a-kind accents in your home.

How To Get It Home

If you’ve shopped locally for a larger item (like a sofa, credenza, or dining table) you may be facing a common conundrum: how to get the piece home. But instead of trying to tackle a tricky transport on your own, you can always opt for one of these trusted services (which you can schedule ahead on their convenient apps).


  • TASKRABBIT Input all the information for your delivery, and you can then select from a list of available taskers who have everything you need to get the item to you.


  • DOLLY A nationwide delivery service that offers scheduled or same-day pickups. You can also connect directly through the app to your purchase on Facebook Marketplace for seamless scheduling.


  • ROADIE Use this app for any oversize item you need securely shipped around the corner or around town. You’ll receive a custom quote with all the details (and delivery time) for your item and can track your delivery in real-time too.


  1. Thanks for the tips on how to find antique furniture. I found it helpful.

    1. Thanks so much for reading. Happy vintage shopping! xx -B