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Frightful & Delightful Decor: Easy (And Affordable) Halloween Ideas For Your Home

It’s that time of year again: when spaces start to look a little spookier and everyday interiors get oh so eery. But getting your own haunted house ready for Halloween doesn’t have to be scary! Because we’ve got plenty of boo-tiful ideas and frightful and delightful Halloween decor.


There are plenty of ways to easily (and affordably) take a room from every day to eek! All you need are a few accessories and some clever ideas, and you’re well on your way to a home that’s SCREAMS with style. From a pumpkin patch to creepy crawlies, to black and boo-tiful, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Halloween concepts (and products) to get your home looking wickedly wonderful.


Keep scrolling for all our eerily easy ideas to create a spooky space – and shop our favorite frightful Halloween decor too.




Bats, spiders, and ravens oh my! Adding a grouping of creepy creatures and cobwebs to your decor is the easiest way to add spooky style. Cover your mantel, bookcases, or windows in a collection of cobwebs and accent with a cute but creepy oversize spider. Or add a frightful faux raven perched on a black spray-painted branch. And you can never go wrong with a pairing of playful paper bats on the wall or a gaggle of ghosts greeting guests at your front door. 


Bobby’s Tip:
Get spooky and sustainable. Save your decor in storage containers to use year after year (and keep it out of landfills).

MAKE YOUR OWN Pumpkin Patch

Nothing says fall quite like a pile of pumpkins on a doorstep. And we say the more the merrier when it comes to making your porch look like an actual pumpkin patch. Opt for a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to give visual interest, and throw in some lanterns and festively fall mums to finish things off. Or for a more long-lasting option, line up some realistic-looking faux pumpkins and gourds on the porch, as a dining table centerpiece or an accent on a shelf or mantel.


Bobby’s Tip:
To keep your outdoor pumpkins and gourds from rotting, rub vinegar on the surface.

BLACK & Boo-tiful

If you’re looking for decor that’s more chic than eek, dress up your space in all-black accessories. You can create a decadent and dark table setting, with a black tablecloth and linens, moody flowers, and black taper candles. Or try a spooky black wreath and black-painted pumpkins on your front porch or mantel for a more dramatic moment.


Bobby’s Tip:
Invest in simple black accessories for Halloween, and you can use them all year round with your existing decor.


  1. can Bobby Berk help me remodle my house please I need help

  2. Thank you I always love to receive your emails and see your great ideas … but I am also a little frustrated because from Switzerland I cannot buy the items offered ….Take care !

    1. Thanks you so much for reading! Hoping there are similar items you can find in Switzerland. Sending lots of love xx -B

  3. I suggest you recommend vinegar for *outdoor* pumpkins as opposed to spraying a cloth with floor cleaner and rubbing all over the surface. For many wild animals found in residential areas, pumpkins are food. The furniture polish will make them sick or worse.

    1. Thank you for recommending that. We have updated the post. xx -B