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Spooky Spaces: Easy and Affordable Last Minute Halloween Decor

Photo: Kritsada

Halloween is almost here, and you’re probably rushing to finalize your costume. Did you see what Dewey and I are wearing?! But what about your space? There’s still time to dress it up too, and it’s easier than you think. 

There are plenty of ways to easily (and affordably) take a room from every day to eek. It just takes a few accessories and some clever ideas, and you’re well on your way to delightfully frightful decor. From a pile of pumpkins, to creepy creatures, to dark and deadly decor, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Halloween products to get your doorstep and home dressed up just in time for trick or treaters or parties! So start scrolling and let the Halloween countdown begin.



Bats, spiders and ravens oh my! For a real fright, add some creepy creatures to your decor. Faux spiderwebs and some paper bats are an easy way to make a scary space. Or add a gaggle of faux ravens sitting on top of artwork or a mirror for an ominous feel. For something more whimsical, try a cute ghost tray or candy container for serving treats or some posed skeleton cutouts.


Bobby’s Tip: 

Large groupings of creatures will be more impactful than just a few spaced around a room (Think a creepy cave full of bats).



Nothing says fall quite like a pile of pumpkins on a doorstep. While we love carving up a smiling  jack o’lanterns, there are lots of other options that don’t require getting your hands dirty, like glass, ceramic and pre-lit plastic versions. You can also create the same feel with a jack o’lantern paper lanterns hanging in a room or front porch. Or for a more sustainable (and long lasting) option, line up some realistic looking faux pumpkins and gourds on a tabletop or bookshelf.


Bobby’s Tip: 

Want an unexpected way to decorate a pumpkin? Try melting some dark crayons on top to create a dripping, wickedly fun design. Check out the tutorial here.



For a chic but spooky option, dress up your space in all black accessories. You can create an all black table for a party, with a black tablecloth and linens, dark flowers, and black taper candles. Or try a black wreath and black painted pumpkins on your front porch for a dark and moody moment. The best part- you can reuse black accessories with your existing decor.


Bobby’s Tip: 

For a dramatic and dark flower arrangement for your table, try using black dahlias, calla lilies or tulips. They’re not only moody, but have great sculptural shapes that look good alone or in an arrangement.