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The Most Stylish Ways To Incorporate Your TV Into Your Interior

Design: Studio McGee

When designing a living room, some items just don’t get a whole lot of attention – even if we end up looking at them for hours upon hours. So it’s no surprise that figuring out where to place a TV can be just as challenging as trying to decide what to watch (Queer Eye, duh!) But with a few fundamental tips from us, you can easily design around your TV – and stay entertained in style. 


Often a central part of any living room, a TV has become a must-have source for entertainment and at-home movie nights (especially during the many months of staying socially distanced). But figuring out the best placement is key to seamlessly integrating a TV into your interior – without having it totally stand out. And we’ve narrowed it down to the 4 easiest ways to furnish your space with a flatscreen – no matter what your style or space looks like.


Keep scrolling to see the foolproof ways to feature your TV – and still have a very stylish interior.



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Feature It Above The Fireplace

Sometimes, you just have to seek out the obvious solution. And as the natural focal point and center of a room, a fireplace makes perfect sense as a perch for your TV. Whether you have a more decorative mantel or a simple firebox, mounting a flat panel is a seamless way to integrate your entertainment into your interior. Many newer homes and apartments already have an outlet and cable box installed above the fireplace, and you can also hire a pro to mount your TV to make sure it’s totally secure.



To determine the right size TV for your room, you’ll want to first determine the distance you will be sitting from the screen. Check out this handy size calculator to help you find the optimal size.

Incorporate It Into Your Art

The easiest way to make a TV totally blend into your space? Treat it like a piece of art. Surround a wall-mounted television with a gallery wall and it will become more than just a blank screen. Just make sure your TV is the largest piece in the grouping and that other pieces of art are not too bright or overwhelming (and will distract from the screen). And if you really want your TV to get artistic, go for the Frame – a TV that looks just like a frame and allows you to display hundreds of works of art on the screen.



You can now turn any smart TV into a work of art. Artcast or Artkick work with AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, or Chromecast to bring hundreds of photographs and pieces of art to your set.


Design: McGee & Co.

Set It  Within Shelves

Bookshelves aren’t just a great space for storage and display. They’re also are an ideal way to frame out your set – and help it feel more connected to the rest of the room. A larger set (60″ or above) can easily command an entire wall of shelving, while something smaller could be tucked into a corner in more compact spaces. And even if you don’t have the budget for custom built-ins, you can still install a pair of wall-mounted shelves to create a similar effect.



For ideal viewing, your TV should be centered on your eye level, but no more than 30 degrees higher.


Design: Calimia Home

Float It Above A Console

Don’t let your wall-mounted TV be lonely (or float aimlessly on your wall). Pair it with a console to provides a grounding element that helps anchor it into the space. Just be sure to go for a console that’s larger than your set to avoid looking out of scale – and with plenty of interior space if you need extra storage. You can also add some decorative elements, like stacks of books, a tray, lidded boxes, or a vase, to help fill out the space on either side – and bring in those finishing touches.



A media console is also a great spot to stash all your electronic equipment – like modems, routers, and all those pesky cords – easily out of sight.





  1. I haven’t had a TV monitor for 25 years. When I see how much space these large devices take up, I feel sorry for the people who want to integrate this into their living environment. The statement: “Just make sure your TV is the largest piece in the grouping and that other pieces of art are not too bright or overwhelming (and will distract from the screen). “Is sad, because what justifies this doubtful medium to dominate everything else?