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The 10 Products You Shopped The Most In 2021

2021 certainly had its ups and downs. But one thing that remained consistent? Investing in our homes – and shopping for products to make our spaces even more special. And throughout the past 12 months, you, the readers, certainly found plenty of items you loved on the site. So it’s time to recap the 10 products that really captured your attention – and ended up in your shopping carts! 

Keep scrolling as we count down the top 10 most popular (and most shopped) products on the site in 2021 – from sofas to ceramics, artwork to peel and stick tile!



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10. Purple Watercolor Print

This pretty purple art print had lots of appeal – and an accessible price tag that proved irresistible!

9. The Little Hug In The Mail

For those times we couldn’t be physically close to our loved ones, this heartfelt hug in a box was the next best thing.

8. Metalwork Nightstand

Bobby is equally enamored with this compact black metal nightstand that’s a mix of modern and classic.

7. Alfama Peel & Stick Tile

A sunny peel and stick tile was an easy (and totally removable) way to add personality and a pop of color.

6. Landscape Art

This great-looking landscape print was a popular pick – and perfect for adding earthy elegance to your walls.

5. Square Arm Sleeper Sofa

Inviting velvet and a truly amazing price helped this sleeper sofa stand out as a top seller.

4. Mid-Century Sleeper Sofa

This super-affordable sleeper sofa was so popular, it sold out! But we can attest, it’s totally worth the wait to buy when it’s back in stock.

3. O Snow Ceramics

Mugs, vases, and plates, oh my! This Etsy shop featuring one-of-a-kind ceramics was certainly a fan favorite.

2. Cai Cai Handmade Candles

A one-stop-shop for sculptural and stylish candles, you stocked up on tapers, pillars, and clever cubes.

And The Most Popular Product Of 2021 Is…

1. Laurel And Blush Co Pillows

With 235 different pillows, this shop has something for everyone. And you flocked to the array of florals, patterns, stripes, and solids. But the most coveted of them all? This easy and ivory and brown pattern that works with all sorts of styles.




What was your favorite product featured in 2021? Let us know if the comments below.