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The 20 Most Clicked Items On Our Site In 2020

Over the past year, we’ve shared hundreds (make that thousands) of shoppable products to make your life easier, get you organized, and of course, bring style to your space. And while we could never pick favorites, you certainly did! So today we’re reviewing the items that definitely piqued your interest – and got the most clicks in 2020.

We’ve taken a deep dive into our stats and pulled together the 20 products that made the biggest impact (not to mention the most clicks) last year. And what we found was a little bit of everything: furniture, wallpaper, storage solutions, bedding, and even a few surprises along the way. So let’s take a look back on the products that were so popular, you might just want to take a second look -or click.


Keep scrolling to see us count down the most clicked products – and reveal the one item you loved the most last year.


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20. Reactive Glaze Dinner Plates

We showed you plenty of ways to set a stylish table, but these plates really stood out amongst the crowd. And it’s clear why. They’re a little bit organic, a little modern, and durable enough to use every single day. (That’s why they’re my go-to as well!)


BUY HERE for $6

19. Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

After all the time spent washing your hands last year, it made sense that a faucet would make its way into our most clicked list. And of the 36 options we highlighted, this one made the biggest splash. Considering its simple and functional design, thousands of glowing reviews – and the fact that it’s only $49 – how could you not love it?


BUY HERE for $49

18. Bamboo Desk Storage

“Workspaces” took on a new meaning in 2020 – when dining tables became desks and co-workers were replaced with your kids. But staying organized while working remotely meant getting creative, and embracing (like many of you did)  this dual-purpose desk organizer that checks all the boxes. Keep essentials nearby? Check. Charge your phone? Check. Look very good well doing it? Check.


BUY HERE for $40

17. Lumbar Support Pillow

We shared this super supporter back in November, and since then, it’s become THE go-to WFH neccesity for our entire team. (Seriously, it’s a miracle worker for sore backs and poor posture.) And with over 16,000 positive reviews, it’s no surprise that you all loved it too.


BUY HERE for $32

16. Cotton Velvet Pillow

What can we say? We definitely have a passion for pillows. And after sharing 20 affordable options, and 12 pairings, you showed us the pillow that proved the most clickable. This clean and classic velvet version was the overwhelming favorite for good reason. Available in 4 sizes and 6 colors, it’s a foundation piece that will work in just about any interior.


BUY HERE for $29


15. Two Tier Storage Stand

After many of you flocked to this easy storage stand, it became clear that combating counter clutter is on a lot of readers’ minds. And what better way to tackle it than with a piece that looks good – and functions even better.


BUY HERE for $50

14. Wiggle Room Wallpaper

One of three wallpapers that won your approval, this pattern from Bobby’s Tempaper line sure knows how to have fun. (I mean, how can you not smile looking at it?) The graphic pattern wiggled its way into the most clicked items – and hopefully right onto your walls too!


BUY HERE for $125

13. Wood Armchair

This easy armchair first popped up when we revealed the revamped living room in Bobby’s parents’ house…and you’ve been clicking on it ever since! Bridging the gap between traditional and modern, minimal and farmhouse, it’s easy to see why this affordable option was such a crowd-pleaser.


BUY HERE for $300

12. Bauer Bar Cabinet

You showed lots of love to this piece, part of Bobby’s line for A.R.T. Furniture. And while we may be partial, we think it’s the ideal storage piece for spaces large and small (including our own design projects). Plenty of interior drawers and adjustable shelves also mean it sets the “bar” for maximizing space.


BUY HERE for $1189

11. Striped Sheet Set

A comfy and cozy bed starts with good sheets – just like this set that you overwhelmingly endorsed. And since you spend 1/3 of your life in bed (yup, and that’s just for sleeping) it only makes sense to choose sheets that look good and feel even better. And this striped set is in line with both.


BUY HERE for $30

10. Bouchon Bar Stool

This stylish stool put the finishing touch on our Sunny Scandinavian Kitchen, and it looks like you were just as enamored by its clean lines and cool cork seat. As one of the most popular products of the year, this minimal piece proved that less is more (clicks, that is).


BUY HERE for $336

9. Honey Rattan Daybed

While daybeds may not get the most attention, this one certainly grabbed yours after we rounded up a few of our favorites. Whether used as an extra bed, a sofa, or just a place to lounge, we’re fully on board with bringing this versatile piece to your space.


BUY HERE for $550

8. Re-Useable Lunch Bags

For a smarter (and sustainable) way to store leftovers, this product has it in the bag. Lots of you showed your support for these washable, reusable storage solutions, but it’s the fact that they will keep disposable bags out of landfills that really seals the deal for us.


BUY HERE for $20

7. Standing Riser Deck

Lots of you took a stand last year, or rather, took a look at this standing desk. This easy way to bring adaptability to your desktop proved quite popular as a work from home option that definitely rises to the occasion.


BUY HERE for $90

6. Three-Tier Rolling Cart

Can you ever really have enough storage? For most of us, the answer is a resounding NO – especially for small space dwellers. And clearly, smart storage solutions were on a lot of minds this year, including this adaptable rolling cart that got a lot of attention. It also goes to show that storage can alleviate clutter and add color!


BUY HERE for $30

5. Nook Bed

In our post for Noah’s reveal from Queer Eye Season 5, we shared lots of unique design solutions in the first-ever Church makeover. But it’s this modern bed, featured in his living space, that captured the most attention – and had many of you clicking away. And we can see why! While undeniably modern, this piece has crossover appeal that means it can work in lots of interiors (even a church loft)!


BUY HERE for $1600

4. Wall Storage With Hooks

When we consulted the stars to tell you The Accessory You Need Based On Your Zodiac Sign , we never thought so many Virgos (and probably all the other signs) would be drawn to this simple wall storage piece. But as Bobby – a true Virgo- can attest, this compact organizer looks great and is out of this world at organizing keys and mail.


BUY HERE for $17

3. Eye See You Wallpaper

This playful wallpaper pattern, from Bobby’s collection with Tempaper, certainly caught your eyes (and we can see why).  Equal parts silly and sophisticated, the peel and stick feature also means you can hang it (or remove it) in the blink of an eye.


BUY HERE for $125

2. UV Sanitizer

If anything, 2020 was a year of keeping our homes, families – and ourselves – safe. While masks and hand sanitizer are now the norm, this clever UV sanitizing case proved to be a popular way to sanitize your phone or other small belongings – with just the push of a button.


BUY HERE for $120

1.You Are Seen Wall Decals

In 2020, it looks like you all wanted to be seen (and who doesn’t?) Bobby’s wall decals for Tempaper, featuring irridescent eyes, take the top spot on our most clicked products! The limited-edition collection helped celebrate Pride, give back to the LGBTQ community and reminded us that anyone and everyone should be seen – no matter how they identify.


BUY HERE for $13


What were your favorite items we featured in 2020? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for plenty of products to come in 2021!


  1. I ordered the you are seen decals for my 10 year old and he loves them. Such a cute and affordable idea. I’m thinking of using one of the wallpaper patterns for my powder room too.

  2. That lumbar support really does work! I needed something to help with lower back pain and it provided so much relief. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the faucet and that cool uv sanitizing case. I recognize the eye see you wallpaper from a Queer Eye makeover – it looked awesome.