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The 4 Common Items You Don’t Need To Purchase For Your Home

Photo: Citizenry, Studio McGee, Calimia Home, CB2, Pure Salt Interiors

Most of the time, we’re offering up our picks for what you should add to your home. But this week, we’re flipping the script and sharing the items you don’t need to add to cart. So put away your wallet (for now) – and prepare to save by passing on these 4 common products your space doesn’t really need.  

Pairing down your space to more essential items isn’t about going totally minimal. Instead, it’s a way to simplify things, save money – and surround yourself with items you really love (that will actually get used and enjoyed). So get ready to learn the 4 pieces you can forgo – and still create a perfectly stylish home!



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Design: Calimia Home

Fancy Dinnerware 

The idea of having “nicer” dinnerware that only gets used on special occasions is an outdated concept for today’s modern way of living. (What’s the point of having something you barely ever use anyway?) Instead, opt for a set of dishes and serving pieces you love – and can use for everything from a casual meal to a dinner party.

Photo: Citizenry

Lots Of Throw Pillows

While a sofa or bed overflowing with plush pillows is certainly comfy, you don’t have to go overboard with this accessory. A grouping of 2-3 pillows on each side of your sofa is more than enough, and we love a single, long lumbar pillow on the bed for an understated but stylish look.

Glasses For Every Beverage 

You may think you need to acquire an assortment of glasses for the bevy of beverages being consumed. But just like formal dinnerware, glassware doesn’t have to be divided into everyday and specialty. A set of wine glasses and drinking glasses in 2 sizes are all you really need on hand for every sipping scenario.

Bedroom Benches 

Sure, a bench can provide extra seating, but it’s definitely not a necessity when it comes to your bedroom – especially in a smaller room. (It might just even turn into a dumping ground for clothing too.) If you do have the space, we advise opting for a separate setting area with chairs or a loveseat for a more functional alternative.