The 4 Styling Items You Never Knew You Needed (But Won’t Be Able To Live Without)

Photo: Eric Piasecki
Design: Dumais

There are a number of staples when it comes to decorating a room. You obviously need furniture, some great lighting, and if you’re anything like us, lots of great accessories. But besides the obvious throw pillows and vases, there are also some items we rely on as our not-so-secret weapons when it comes to styling a space. Think of them as the pieces you never know you needed, but now won’t be able to live without!

From the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the bedroom (and even outdoors), there are certain items we always have on hand to add an extra layer of style. Think of them as the finishing touches that will bring that special something to a space- the items that take a room from run-of-the-mill to magazine ready. And if you think you have to be a designer or stylist to make these pieces work, think again! These are all easy additions that require minimal effort (and even less $$). And the best part? Besides being fashionable, these styling pieces are all highly functional too, so they’ll look great and keep you organized.

Ready to be let in on the secrets? Keep reading to see all the items in our styling arsenal, and learn how to use them in every space of your home. We’re also sharing our favorite shop-able items to make it even easier for you to incorporate these pieces, no matter what your style is.

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Photo: Eric Piasecki
Design: Dumais


Say hello to your new best friend! Trays are truly the most versatile (and useful) accessory in your home. Besides their obvious use for serving food and drink, they can be used to keep lots of other items organized and looking sharp. Here are a few of our suggestions for useful ways to utilize then in every room.


Bathroom: Use a tray on your vanity or on top of your toilet tank to display attractive bottles, lotions and soaps.

Bedroom: A small tray or catchall on a bedside table is the perfect place to keep jewelry, some essential oils, or any of your nighttime essentials.

Entryway: Keep your keys, wallet and mail in check with a tray at the front door.

Kitchen: Place salt and pepper shakers, a paper towel holder or your utensil holder in a tray for an easy way to corral items on your countertop.

Living Room: For a quick and easy bar setup, place bottles, glassware and shaker in a tray with handles for easy mobility when you’re ready to serve.

Office: A file tray on your desk will go a long way towards keeping loose paperwork in order.

Photo: Sarah Tramp


Decanters aren’t just for fancy liquor – they can hold any liquid you want to show off in an attractive way. And besides making your items look good, they’ll also be easily accessible when on display. Here’s how to make the most of these versatile vessels.

Make mouthwash or bath oils display worthy by placing them in a pretty glass decanter.

Bedroom: A glass carafe on a nightstand makes an attractive addition, and will also come in handy to quench your thirst in the morning.

Kitchen: Elevate your olive oil or dish soap by placing them in a stylish (and very handy) glass dispenser, also called a cruet.

Dining Room: Turn your dining table into a cute cafe by serving water in a carafe style bottle.


Design: Mandy Lee


Whether big or small, short or tall, baskets bring lots of opportunities for stylish spots to stash items (in every room). They also come in a variety of materials, from natural woven fibers, to leather, to metal to fabric, that will suit any design style. Here are our tips for getting the biggest benefits from baskets.


Bathroom: Larger baskets on the floor can hold extra bath towels, while smaller versions are perfect for hand towels or containing clutter.

Entryway: An entryway will feel totally elevated with just a few baskets to conceal shoes, accessories and everyday ephemera.

Kitchen: A stylish woven basket on a countertop is ideal for keeping fruit and veggies at an arm’s length.

Laundry Room Freshen your laundry hamper by using a large woven basket instead. And to make things even tidier (and so you don’t have your dirty clothes in sight), try a version with a lid.

Living Room: Keep magazines, blankets (or piles of toys) at bay with some smart storage baskets.

Office: Try adding some baskets to a bookcase to stylishly keep cords and equipment out of sight.


Nothing is as versatile (or easy to implement) as a classic lidded container. Whether it’s glass, ceramic or wood, there are endless ways to utilize them for stylish storage in your home. Check out our tips for keeping things cute and contained below.


Bathroom: For a bathroom thats a little more blissful, place bath salts, cotton balls, or q-tips in simple glass jars.

Kitchen:  Any item in your pantry can be placed in simple container for a more streamlined and uniform look. Or style a set of ceramic jars on a countertop for your everyday cooking needs.

Laundry Room: Your detergent, dryer sheets and clothespins will never look better (or be easier to access) when they’re placed in pretty vessels.

Office: To declutter your desktop, use matching lidded containers to stash all your office supplies.


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