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The 5 Design Mistakes You Might Be Making In Your Bathroom

Design: Studio McGee

Bathrooms might have a simple purpose, but designing them, well that’s anything but. With lots of elements to consider (not to mention budget), it’s easy to get stuck on the details and end up with a space that’s lacking in style. But whether you’re going for a total facelift or just looking to make some small upgrades, there’s a way to avoid the design mistakes we see over and over – and we’re about to show you how!

Creating a functional and fashionable space isn’t nearly as hard as you think. It just means avoiding some unsightly options, while embracing more stylish solutions. And lucky for you, you’ve got Bobby to guide you away from the dreaded design mistakes – and towards the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of!


Keep scrolling to see the 5 biggest Bathroom design mistakes –  how to avoid them in your home.


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1. Underutilizing Storage

A bathroom without adequate storage is kind of like a flashlight with no batteries: it just doesn’t work! And if your counter (or any other surface) is covered with products, you’re probably lacking functional storage – or not taking advantage of what you have. A large vanity with drawers is obviously the easiest solution for adding space, but if you need even more options (or don’t have the option of a vanity), you can also employ a good-looking shelf (or two), a medicine cabinet, or even bring in a freestanding bookcase for towels and other essentials. Bobby also notes that adding interior storage solutions in drawers and cabinets will also enhance the functionality of the piece – and keep you from searching for that elusive tube of lipstick. 



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2. Lackluster Lighting

Most bathroom lighting leaves a lot to be desired. But luckily, it’s also one of the easiest (and most affordable) design faux pas to fix. You can easily give a vanity area a stylish new look with a simple swap to new sconces, or take a tired ceiling mount in an exciting new direction. And if your bathroom doesn’t have a lot of visual appeal (or perhaps feels a little cookie cutter) you can use lighting as a great way to bring in visual excitement (and a bit of your personality too). Bobby also advises staying away from can lighting directly above a vanity, as it will cast shadows on the face (a major no no). Instead, go for a pair of shaded or opaque glass sconces for the most flattering effect.  



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3. An Unappealing Vanity

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that not all vanities are created equal. Some are fashionable and functional…and others are sorely lacking in both areas. To get your vanity up to par style-wise (without replacing it outright) you can always employ some of our favorite quick tricks like paint, new hardware or even adding some decorative molding to the door fronts. And if you want to add a new vanity, Bobby recommends thinking about what your main needs are before making a purchase. Take note of what products you use and how best to store them, and let that inform the design, whether it be narrow drawers or more vertical space



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Design: Tamara Magel

4. A Shower That Doesn’t Shine

It’s estimated that an average human will spend 12,000 hours in the shower over their lifetime. And that’s a long time to be getting clean in a space that’s lackluster. Whether it’s finishes that arent fashionable or materials that feel meh, a dull-looking shower is a missed opportunity to enliven the everyday. If you’ve got a shower tub combo, try freshening up your shower curtain or adding a modern folding glass panel instead. Treat yourself to a stylish new high-pressure shower head too, or go all-in with new tile. Bobby likes to opt for more neutral tones and simple straight stack or offset designs when choosing tile, creating a more classic feel (that you won;t be sick of in a few years either).



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5. Forgettable Flooring

One of the most common design mistakes we spot in bathrooms isn’t right in front of you – it’s below you. Choosing flooring that feels forgettable (or that you see everywhere) can be a major faux pas. So take advantage of the wide array of styles and patterns at your disposal and bring in tile or stone that makes a unique statement. And for a less permanent (and much less expensive option) you can easily use peel and stick floor tiles to give your bathroom floor a facelift. Bobby recommends choosing a monochromatic pattern, and scaling up your size (12″x 24″) for larger bathrooms. 


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