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The 5 Products That Just Made Your Summer Even More Fun

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without long, lazy days in the sun, sand, and swimming pool. But to really enjoy the season, it helps to be outfitted with the best gear for the great outdoors. And we’ve got 5 items that will help you stay cool, get beachy ready, and even alleviate bug bites – all summer long (starting at just $5)!



Ready to see what we’ve got? Keep scrolling for our picks – and soak up some serious summer fun!


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A Sand Free Beverage Stand 


Beach Sand Beverage Holders 

If a sand-covered can has ever been a total bummer on a beach day, simply grab this smart solution the next time you hit the waves. It nestles into the sand to provide a perfect perch for your favorite beverage – and protect it from any unwanted spills too.


BUY HERE for $5

A Portable Way To Stay Cool


Personal Bladeless Neck Fan

On days when the temperature is climbing and you really want to stay cool, pop on this portable fan. It slides right around your neck to provide 3 adjustable levels of wind where you need it most. Plus up to 10 hours of battery life means you’ll feel the breeze all day long.


BUY HERE for $18


A Better Designed Beach Bag


Mesh Oversized Beach Tote

What makes this beach tote so much better? Just about everything! It’s spacious enough for a pair of towels, features 8 pockets, and is made of a mesh material – that means no more tracking sand into your space after some sun and surf. And an internal waterproof zippered area means your phone has a safe spot too.


BUY HERE for $19


A Brilliant Bug Bite Remedy


Bug Bite Thing Insect Bite + Sting Suction Tool

Whether you’re camping or just enjoying your backyard, bug bites can put a real hamper on outdoor actives. But this oh-so-convenient gadget is here to help. By using a powerful suction, it removes venom, saliva, and other irritants that cause itching and swelling. Meaning your mosquito bites and bee stings end up being a lot less itchy – and you can have a lot more fun instead.



BUY HERE for $10

A Much Cooler Cooler


Igloo Picnic Retro Cooler

This colorful cooler certainly puts the fun in functional. With a bright design inspired by the original 90s version, this 25-quart model can be carried easily with one hand while storing all your favorite beverages in style.



BUY HERE for $40