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The 6 Best Gray Paint Colors – According To Bobby

When it comes to selecting paint for your home, gray is one color that has certainly proven popular. And for good reason: it’s a neutral that works with lots of styles and comes in many versatile shades. But how do you know which grays are really going to look good? That’s where Bobby comes in! We’re dishing all his favorite (and fool-proof) gray paint colors to make selecting a shade of gray a whole lot easier. 

Ready to discover Bobby’s 6 stand-out paint picks? Keep scrolling to see his recommendations for light, dark, and all shades of gray in between (and shop them all, too).



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Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

A rich, dark gray with green undertones, this color pairs beautifully with white trim, dark wood, and brass. 


BEST FOR: Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, Exteriors





Valspar Filtered Shade

For a gray that will bring in plenty of warmth, you can’t go wrong with this flattering shade.



BEST FOR: Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms





Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

This dramatic gray balances feeling warm and cool, making it an ideal choice (no matter what amount of light your room receives).  


BEST FOR: Offices, Trim, Exteriors





Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

A soft and soothing shade that will instantly warm up a space. Consider it a “new neutral” that can work with almost any other shade. 


BEST FOR: Living Rooms, Bathrooms, Cabinetry, Trim




Design: BHDM


Valspar Polished Silver

For a crisp gray that doesn’t feel cold, try this tone to add depth and sophistication.  


BEST FOR: Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Exteriors





Sherwin Williams North Star

Light and bright, this shade makes for a cheerful choice, and pairs well with light wood tones, black, and ivory. 


BEST FOR: Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms



  1. Hi Bobby, great choices here. LOVE North Star. I think gray is the trickiest color to figure out since it seems so dependent on the room’s light. When I moved into my current house I tried a lot of Sherwin Williams’ gray shades. My daughter picked Jubilee for our kitchen, which has white cabinets and a huge window so gets a lot of light. And SW Light French Gray is great for rooms with no windows, like a powder room.

  2. I tried so many grays. Before I found the secret to choosing one! When the paint person gets the colors to mix what all the colors are. If there is blue, red or green..I chose one without those colors and picked one that was mostly white and black. It works! The best black I found for one wall was Limosine Leather..think it was Sherwin Willuams.