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The 6 Products That Changed Our Lives in 2021 (All For Under $30)

In our many hours of searching for the newest products, we often stumble across some great finds. And occasionally, we discover an item so good, it’s actually life-changing. So obviously we had to share these amazing products, and let you in on the 6 things Bobby (and our team) just can’t live without! 

These clever products will help make all sorts of tasks a whole lot easier, from cooking to storage, to even waking up in the morning. And as an added bonus, they’re all under $30 too! So get ready to shop them all – and become totally obsessed.



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A Simplified Way To Strain

Can something as simple as a strainer actually change your life? Well, at least the way you cook. This compact kitchen gadget quickly clips onto any size pot or pan, providing you a fuss-free way to strain pasta, veggies, or anything else on the menu – without any struggle.




An Alarm Clock That Does More

If you’ve ditched your alarm clock in favor of your phone, it may be time to reconsider the bedside staple. Because this alarm clock isn’t just a better-looking -and better functioning – option, it also has a built-in wireless phone charger right on top. (Bye-bye charging cord!) You can adjust the white display to 3 different levels of brightness too, making it a lot more visually appealing than the bright red we all loathed.




Some Very Handy Hooks

If you’ve got a small space, these hooks will be a total lifesaver when it comes to maximizing storage. They cleverly slide onto any shelf (and stay secure with an adhesive pad), giving new use to unused space on the underside. While intended for kitchen cabinets to hang mugs, they’re also worked wonders in a closet, garage, or laundry area for keeping cleaning tools easily accessible.




The Only Makeup Remover You’ll Need

All the ladies on our team agree. These reusable makeup remover pads are a must-have for quickly and effectively wiping off a full face. The superfine fibers work amazingly well, and they can be washed and re-used 200 times (making them an eco-friendly option).




A Seamless Way To Stick Anything

Here’s one product we’ve definitely stuck with – over and over again. While it may look like an ordinary roll of tape, this double-sided gel tape sticks out – and sticks to just about any surface. And besides being super strong (it will hold up to 18 pounds) it also leaves no residue when removed and can be washed and reused multiple times.




One Well-Designed Whisk

Didn’t think there was any way to improve upon the classic whisk? We’re here to tell you – it’s been done! This version replaces the rounded end with small stainless steel balls, resulting in more efficient mixing with less effort. The flat end also means it rests better in a bowl (with fewer messes and ingredients flying out) and takes up a lot less drawer space.