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The Secrets To A Comfier Bed (And A Better Night’s Sleep)

To say your bed might just be the most important piece of furniture in your home isn’t an overstatement. It’s not only where you get the restorative rest that’s crucial to your physical and emotional health, but also a spot you will spend an average of  227,000 hours of your life! So it’s definitely worth the effort to make this much-used item as comfy – and cozy – as possible. And we’re sharing 6 easy to apply tips to help you do just that. 

Want a bed that you’ll love getting into each night – and won’t want to leave in the morning? You’re only a few quick additions away from creating that comfy and super soft spot you’ve dreamed off (and can lead to many nights of sweet dreams in your future). So keep scrolling to see all our tips – and the shoppable products to help you make it happen in your bedroom.



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1. Add A Mattress Topper 

A mattress topper is an easy (and cost-effective) fix for making your bed a whole lot comfier. It simply sits on top of almost any existing mattress to provide an additional layer of snugness. For something ultra-supportive, go for memory foam, or for a plush option, try a down and feather topper.


2. Find The Perfect Pillows 

Everyone has a unique style of sleep. And to ensure you’re feeling your absolute comfiest when you crawl into bed, you need the type of pillow that works for you. Even when you’re not sleeping, it’s also nice to have several pillows for a soft and supportive spot to read, watch tv or even work.


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3. Bring In A Fluffy Comforter 

A fluffy comforter is definitely an essential when it comes to a cozy bed. (It does have the word comfort in it after all.) Whether you prefer feather, down alternative, or a breathable option like eucalyptus, you will not regret bringing this little bit of luxury to your bed.


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4. Don’t Forget A Duvet Cover 

To add a finishing layer to your comforter (that will also feel amazing), throw on a duvet cover. It protects your comforter and feels even more amazing against your skin. And our secret to a super full and plump duvet? Purchase a comforter that is a few inches larger (generally a size up) than your duvet cover and you’ll feel as though you’re sleeping in a cloud.





5. Invest In Softer Sheets

Not all sheets are created equal. But it’s not about thread count when it comes to comfort – it’s about the material. Linen sheets offer the optimal softness that only improves over time, while percale and sateen cotton are also great choices for ensuring plenty of comfort that will last many nights.


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6. Ditch The Top Sheet 

Most Americans are accustomed to using a top sheet as part of their bedding. But bear with us here – we actually advocate for forgoing this option altogether. It generally gets tangled and untucked in the night, and won’t make your bed any comfier (or easier to make in the morning). Instead, simply try a comforter with a duvet cover as your cozy covering.



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    A mattress topper is an easy (and cost-effective) fix for making your bed a whole lot comfier. It simply sits on top of almost any existing mattress to provide an additional layer of smugness.