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The 8 Items You Should Be Cleaning (But You’re Probably Not)

Most of us know what needs to be cleaned in our homes (like all the places where dust, dirt, and debris pile up).  But what about those items (and germs) that are hiding in plain sight? There are plenty of spots you’re probably touching every day that might not be getting nearly enough cleaning attention. So we’re showing you 8 of the most commonly missed areas in need of a serious scrub

While we’ve all learned to be extra diligent about washing our hands and sanitizing surfaces due to Covid-19, there are still some areas in our homes (and our everyday objects) where germs are gathering. We’re talking areas and items you’re touching that are dirtier than your toilet seat (yuck). So don’t hesitate – find out where you need to start scrubbing!


Keep scrolling to see the 8 items you should be cleaning – and the clever solutions to get them spic and span.


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1. Laptops, Computer Screens & Keyboards 

While you’re typing away, all sorts of tiny dust particles (plus whatever is on your fingers) are getting stuck on your keyboard, mouse, and screen. Multiply that by 8 hours a day and 5 days a week – and let’s just say that’s a whole lot of ick.


Use a piece of packing tape on your keyboard to pull up dust or debris, and finish with a swipe of a disinfecting wipe. For a screen, don’t apply any cleaner directly to it. Spray a screen cleaner onto a microfiber towel and gently rub the surface.


2. Trash & Recycling Bins

Sure, the whole point of a trash can is to contain messy and dirty items. But every time you reach for a lid or take out the bags, you’re exposing yourself to whatever else is in there. So don’t forget to clean after you toss.


Rinse out the inside of the bin with a hose if there’s any build-up in the bottom, and wipe down the lid and sides weekly with an alcohol-based wipe (which kills 99% of germs and bacteria).


3. Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal might not be an obvious spot that needs cleaning (isn’t it getting rid of messses anyway?) But over time, food residue can build up and stick to the walls – leading to an unappealing odor and some nasty gunk.


Scrub the splash guard (the rubber piece on the top) with warm water and baking soda. To get out the interior build-up, fill the disposal with 6 ice cubes, 1 tbsp baking soda, and a few lemon slices, and turn on for a few seconds with no water running. Rinse with water for 30 seconds and it should be as good as new.


4. Headphones 

Whether you’re using them for exercise, zoom calls, or to cancel out noisy neighbors on a flight, your headphones are being exposed to lots of natural (and not so pleasant) elements. So be sure to give them a bit of cleaning and care after periods of wear.


Wipe in-ear headphones with a slightly damp cloth and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Use a Q-tip or toothpick wrapped in a cloth to clean any debris or particles from inside. Larger over ear headphones can be wiped on the exterior with a disinfecting wipe.

5. Washers

Wet laundry left in a machine for just a short amount of time can be a real breeding ground for germs. And over time, those germs can add up – especially if you’re using a shared machine or laundromat.


Run an empty, regular cycle on hot and add two cups of white vinegar. This will kill all bacteria and mildew that may have formed. For a public washer, be sure to wipe down the washer drum with a disinfecting wipe before adding a load.


6. Cell Phones

Do you know that most cell phones are ten times dirtier than a toilet seat? Yep, that object that’s always by your side is almost always covered in germs too. So you will most definitely want to take time to wipe it down after you’re done swiping up on Bobby’s Instagram.


A few times a month, clean your phone with a 60/40 mix of water and rubbing alcohol applied to a clean cloth. You can also invest in a UV phone sanitizer, which uses light to disinfect and sanitize in 60 seconds

7. Doorknobs, Handles & Lightswitches

Any surface in your home that you touch is another place that germs are hiding in plain sight. So doorknobs, drawer pulls, light switches, even remotes should all be getting some attention as part of your normal cleaning routine.


Wipe down weekly with disinfecting wipes – especially in high traffic areas like bathrooms, kitchen, and kids rooms.



8. Kitchen Sponges 

Yes, even the thing you’re using to clean other things – also needs to be cleaned. A well-used sponge can absorb all sorts of bacteria, food particles, and other things you probably don’t want to know about.


Microwave a damp sponge for 60 seconds to ensure you kill all bacteria. You can also soak it in a quart of warm water mixed with a tsp of bleach for 20 minutes.