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The Best Cooling Sheets For A Comfy (And Sweat Free) Night’s Sleep

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If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that summer is one hot and steamy season. And when temperatures rise and humidity soars, even staying cool at night can be a real challenge. Outfitting your bed with the right sheets, however, can make all the difference. So we’re bringing you the best-reviewed sheets to stay cool – and keep you sweat-free. 

It’s not just hot summer temperatures that can keep you up at night. If you’re a hot sleeper, the wrong sheets can also keep you feeling uncomfortable all year long. So don’t miss out on quality shut-eye any longer! Simply check out all of our picks for the best cooling sheets – in fabrics proven to keep you cool and comfy.



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Best Cooling Sheets – Bamboo



Bamboo fibers have a lot of benefits when it comes to staying cool. They naturally wick moisture (meaning no more waking up in a pool of sweat) and easily adapt to your body temperature. And did we mention that bamboo is also a sustainable and eco-friendly option? (Plus, this set also happens to have 18,000 + 5 Star ratings and comes in 18 colors!)



Best Cooling Sheets – Eucalyptus



Did you know eucalyptus requires 90% less water than cotton? And on top of being eco-conscious, this fiber also truly feels amazing and is incredibly cooling. And if you really need to see for yourself just how well this earth-friendly fiber works, Buffy also offers a 7-night free trial to sleep on your decision (literally) and everything is 20% off!



Best Cooling Sheets – Microfiber

Comfort Spaces Coolmax SheetS


With a name like coolmax, how could these sheets be anything but the ultimate warm-weather bedding? Made of a blend of polyester and a unique cooling microfiber, these sheets absorb your body’s moisture and spread it across the fabric to quickly evaporate. And that means you stay dry and comfortable – all for the low price of just $29!


best Cooling Sheets – Percale Cotton

Purity Home Percale Cotton Sheets


If you’re looking for a classic cotton option that will keep you cool, you can’t go wrong with percale. Known for feeling amazing, this fiber is also smooth, crisp, and feels pleasantly cool against the skin. So say goodbye to overheating at night – and hello to perfectly pleasant percale.

best Cooling Sheets – Tencel 



You probably know Casper for their game-changing (and super comfy) mattresses. But they’ve also got some of the best-reviewed cooling sheets on the market too. Made of  100% Tencel Lyocell (a product made of eucalyptus and other wood pulps), they’re designed to regulate your body temperature and ensure you’re never too warm. Plus, their unique grid weave also helps increase airflow for a breezy feeling all night long. And, they’re currently 20% off!