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The Best Houseplants For Every Room

A bit of greenery can make a big impact in your home (not to mention improving your mood and cleaning the air). And knowing which plants are best suited for every space will ensure your plant babies thrive in their environments. So let us offer advice for what to choose the next time you’re at the nursery, as we share the best houseplants for every room.

Choosing the right option for each location in your home will ensure you’ve got a happy and healthy plant – instead of brown spots and wilting leaves. So let’s get growing and learn the best houseplants for every room



*While these plant options work in most cases, you’ll always want to check your space first to ensure the conditions work (i.e. your guest bathroom might not have the same level of humidity as a primary bathroom.)



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Photo: Anson Smart
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the best houseplants…

For The Bathroom

In a room with lots of humidity, these plants are particularly adept. 




Thrives in low or bright, indirect light and is great for hanging.



The Boston, Maidenhair, and Bird’s Nest are all great fern options for the bathroom



A tropical plant that loves humidity and likes to stay moist.



the best houseplants…

For The Bedroom

Whether you get bright or indirect light, these options will make a welcome addition.



A great addition to a nightstand, aloe can handle bright light and requires very little water.



This plant likes moderate to bright light and makes a striking addition to a bedroom.



Whether the plant or tree version, a dracaena will thrive in indirect light and moist soil.



the best houseplants…

For The Office

In a room that might not be the brightest, these plants will have no problem.




A low-maintenance plant that can thrive in low-light conditions.



This slender-leafed plant looks great on top of a bookshelf and can withstand heavy shade.



Also known as the snake plant, it’s nearly indestructible and adds a stylish, sculptural look.



the best houseplants…

For The Living Room

These standouts will add style, and look great, in any living room.




These big, bold leaves enjoy bright indirect light, which makes them ideal for in front of a window.



There are over 800 species of ficus, but we’re fond of the Ficus Alii, Weeping Fig for handsome trees in a living room.



A design favorite and classic choice, a fiddle leaf will always look good. Just be sure to rotate it every few days so all the leaves get even sunlight.