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The Best Kitchen Paint Colors: Bobby Shares His Top 6 Shades

Color has the power to help express your emotions, improve your mood and totally transform your home. So we had to share some of Bobby’s absolute favorite shades – for one of our favorite rooms. Get ready to break out the brushes as we bring you the paint colors that are perfect for your kitchen.

From shades inspired by nature to saturated tones, to simple tones, these are the colors we’re eyeing for our next kitchen design. So keep scrolling to discover our 6 favorite foolproof shades!



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Fresh Green

For a color that’s going to feel totally fresh, hop on the green trend and select this spearmint shade. It pairs beautifully with light-colored wood and black hardware for a modern look that’s anything but boring.



Design: Tina Rich

Timeless Taupe

Taupe is one of those classic colors that is definitely having a comeback. And we’re totally on board with bringing in this shade when you want a warm neutral tone. It works with just about any material, but we’re partial to pairing taupe with textured tile or natural stone.



Rich Navy

We’ve seen just about every shade of blue make its way into the kitchen. But our undisputed favorite would have to be the classic navy. Pair it with brass hardware, walnut, and white tile for a look that will never go out of style.




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Design: Nune

Green Gray

For a neutral tone that has a hint of something extra, opt for green gray. This interesting shade is a little bit mysterious, a little bit earthy, and easy to incorporate into any style.




Simple Sage 

When it came to designing an eclectic but traditional kitchen, Bobby turned to a shade that can do it all. Sage green has an organic vibe that works seamlessly with classic architectural details, while still remaining full of life and character.






Dramatic Onyx 

Sure, a black kitchen isn’t for everyone. But when balanced with lighter tones and a bit of texture, it can make for one dramatic, yet still neutral, space. So don’t be scared to go to the dark side for a kitchen makes an impression.





  1. Oh I absolutely loooooove that Galapagos Green by Ben M. To me it is my very favorite shade of green, and green is my favorite color.
    In the world of cookie-cutters – this would set a kitchen apart with a classic timeless (and appetite stimulating) color.

    1. We LOVE green kitchens! Thanks so much for reading. xx -B