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The Best Living Room Paint Colors (And How To Use Them)

Over the years, we’ve shown you lots of ways to elevate your living room, from the latest trends to the biggest design mistakes. But if there’s one element that can really make (or break) your space, it’s paint. The right colors can create a cozy, moody, or tranquil room that you’ll really love spending time in. So get ready to break out the brushes – as we bring you the paint colors we love for living rooms.

Keep scrolling to see our paint color picks – and discover the shade that’s just right for your living room!


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Warmer White

White paint will always be the classic choice for a clean and neutral backdrop. And what makes a warmer shade of white so appealing is the cozy effect it also creates (courtesy of yellow, pink, or red undertones). It also has a universal appeal, pairing well with everything from traditional to modern, eclectic to farmhouse.




Earthy Olive

Yes, green is great for kitchens. But this earthy tone is certainly well suited for living rooms as well. Not too light or dark, this rich color creates a beautiful balance between natural and neutral. With a touch of brown, it certainly recalls the great outdoors, making it an easy option for an organic modern feel.




Design: Bespoke Only

Moody Gray

While it may resemble a raincloud, this gorgeous gray is anything but gloomy. An easy alternative to white, this shade will add depth – and a whole lot of mood – to your living room. It’s also a beautiful accent choice for giving trim or cabinetry a little extra something.




Bold Blue

We may be just a little partial to this particular shade (which we used in our recent traditional eclectic project). It creates just the right amount of bold saturation mixed with a sense of soothing relaxation. Plus, it’s a beautiful backdrop for showcasing lighter-colored furniture, art, and accessories.





What colors are you drawn to? Lets us know in the comments below!


  1. Bobby,
    You are amazing! I love watching your room transformations on QE! Just saying. ♥️
    Wish I could make our house into a home half as beautifully …we are about to paint a room and enjoyed your article -thank you so much !

  2. Love that blue room, now becoming a huge fan of blue rooms, great work! thank you

  3. Bobby, what are the best ways to make small room look bigger.

    1. Check out this blog post where I break down my four best tips for making small space look bigger. xx -B

  4. I love the Symphony blue paint! Is there a second shade of blue used in the room, or is is just the lighting? I’m getting ready to re-do my living room after a wall has been removed and I love the idea of blue, but I’m concerned about it reading as a dark space and shrinking the room after all the effort to open it up. Thoughts?

    1. It’s a great color! The entire room is painted that shade and I love the cozy feel. If you’re living room still gets a decent amount of natural light and you bring in some lighter colored furnishings, I wouldn’t be too worried about the room feeling small. xx -B

  5. I would like a light gray with a hint of blue for my painting project. My house was built in 1898 with all the natural wood trim so I don’t want to go dark

    1. Try Cascade White by Benjamin Moore. xx -B

  6. What paint do you recommend to paint kitchen cabinets ? I know I have to strip and sand cabinets as our kitchen is from 1959 -old wooden cabinets looks like they had varnish on them. But nice and tall !

    1. Hi Tracy, Thanks so much for your question! The ceiling color is Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams, and we had the headboard custom made for Steph. Hope that helped! xx -B.

  7. I like that blue – it’s close to the shade I want to paint our home office/tv room. It has a vaulted ceiling, and the blue would be great on the walls.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Love that color as well – it’s striking but calming at the same time. xx -B