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The Best New Home Decor For Under $10, $25 And $50

We’re always on the lookout for great looking products – and great deals. And when we happen to find stylish pieces at a steal, we can’t help but share them with you! From accessories to art, pillows to pots,  we’ve curated the best new home decor items to be had – all at prices too good to pass up. 

Go ahead and give your home an affordable upgrade. Keep scrolling to see 18 of our picks for the best home decor under $10, $25, and $50.



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1. Ceramic Wave Incense Holder | $7

A sculptural way to fill your space with a soothing scent.


2. Gray Recycled Polyester Throw | $8

Eco-friendly recycled fibers and a soft feel make this throw an easy decision.


3. Small Ceramic Pot | $6

The perfect size pot for perching on a windowsill and growing your favorite


4. Patterned Canvas Pillow Cover | $6

Pick up a few of these pretty patterned pillow covers for a stylish sofa at a steal!


5. Ceramic Stacked Ring Bud Vase | $10

A modern vase that looks like a million bucks for a mere fraction of that.


6. Townhouses Framed Art Print | $10

Pretend you’re in Paris with a charming (and surprisingly cheap) art print.

1. Two Tier Wood Tray | $19

Here’s a more fashionable way to store – and display – produce on the kitchen counter.


2. Small Form Candle | $24

A cool ceramic vessel and soothing palo santo fragrance make for one great combination.

3. Checkered Resin Box | $20

This stylish storage box can stash remotes, office supplies or simply be a decorative addition to any surface.

4. Faux Rubber Plant In Ceramic Pot | $15

If you can’t have a real plant, this handsome faux version is the next best thing


5. Clay Pillow | $22

Grab this on-trend (and on clearance) pillow before it’s gone!


6. Sandy Modern Bowl | $25

A goes-with-everything bowl that will be equally at home on a dining room table or incorporated into a bookshelf.

1. Oversized Blocked Woven Pillow | $30

For a high-end feel at a low-end price, pick up this chic woven pillow.


2. Wood Footed Tray | $35

Fill this footed tray with fresh fruits for a modern meets organic addition to your kitchen counter.


3. Meadow Framed Wall Art | $45

Golden hills and overcast skies make for a compelling piece of art.

4. Rattan Wrapped Task Lamp | $45

The special detail of a rattan-wrapped arm (along with a very reasonable price) makes this task lamp too good to pass up.


5. Papier-Mâché Mirror | $30

The papier mâché you made in elementary school got a whole new (elevated) look courtesy of this modern mirror.


6. Small Soft Striped Basket | $30

Versatile storage has never looked better than this simple striped basket.

What’s your favorite new home decor piece and how are you styling it in your space? Let us know in the comments below.