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The Best Reviewed Comforters (For Every Type Of Sleeper)

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One of the keys to a great night of sleep? Finding the comforter that corresponds to your body – and how you sleep. From heavyweight to hypoallergenic, all season to all temperatures, we’ve combed through lots of comforters to find the best-reviewed options for every type of sleeper (and every budget).


Keep scrolling discover the comforter that will ensure you’re comfy and cozy all night long – along with a guide to the materials used.



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A Guide To Comforter Inserts

What are comforters filled with? We break down the most common materials.


The softest feathers from the underside of a goose or duck. Light and fluffy, and do not contain quills (which can poke through a comforter cover). Typically the fluffiest, lightest, warmest, and most expensive fill. 


Duck or goose plumage from the outer growth, feathers consist of a hard quill shaft with a series of fibers extending from each side. A denser and heavier fill than down, that is less expensive 


Can be a mixture of cotton, polyester, or other synthetic or natural fibers. A hypoallergenic option for anyone who might be allergic to down or feathers that is also the least expensive.

Best Down Alternative Comforter 


REVIEWS: 4.7 Stars, 77,000

BEST FOR: Anyone with sensitive skin or an allergy to down, Cold Sleepers


WHY WE LOVE IT:  Reviewers are raving about the warmth and overall quality of this comforter, made with a plush Siliconized Fiberfill. And with an incredible price, it’s hard to beat if you’re looking for a Hypoallergenic down alternative that still feels super fluffy.

Best Down Comforter 


REVIEWS: 4.7 Stars, 500 Reviews

BEST FOR: All Types of Sleepers


WHY WE LOVE IT: Available in a lightweight or all-season option, this luxe down comforter will work whether you sleep warm, cold, or anywhere in between. The quilted construction also ensures equal distribution of fibers, creating what reviewers call a perfectly puffy cloud!

Best Overall Affordable Comforter 


REVIEWS: 4.5 Stars, 850

BEST FOR:  Anyone with sensitive skin or an allergy to down, Cold Sleepers, or Warm Sleepers


WHY WE LOVE IT: For an affordable, hypoallergenic option that will work for almost all sleepers (all year round), this is an ideal choice according to lots of satisfied reviewers.

Best Temperature Regulating Comforter 


REVIEWS: 4.7 Stars, 6,000

BEST FOR: Warm Sleepers and Warmer climates


WHY WE LOVE IT:  Made from lyocell fibers (derived from eucalyptus), this comforter has a silky feel that absorbs moisture – and leaves you feeling cool all night long. Reviewers also agree that despite its thin appearance, it’s perfectly balanced for warmth without causing you to break a sweat.

Best Lower Priced Down Comforter 


REVIEWS: 4 Stars, 53 reviews

BEST FOR: Warm Sleepers


WHY WE LOVE IT:  With all the quality and comfort of down, this comforter is also machine washable – and available at a much more accessible price.