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The Best Ways To Relieve Back Pain: 6 Products That Actually Work

What’s the one thing 80 percent of people will deal with at some point in their life? Back pain. And suffering from stiffness, sore muscles, and aches leads many of us to seek out anything that will provide relief. While there are plenty of products out there to help, some really stand out – with thousands of real-world reviews to back them up. And we’re sharing 6 products that can make your pain a thing of the past. 



Everyday tasks – like just sitting in front of a screen – can often be one of the major culprits of back pain. But sometimes you just need a bit of support, some appropriate pressure, or a slight adjustment to make a big difference. And these products (with lots of rave reviews from back pain sufferers) are a great place to start.


Keep scrolling to see 6 items to help alleviate back pain -starting at just $5.


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Best Massager 


Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


REVIEWS: 34,600

This deep kneading massager has plenty of power in a compact design. That means you can place it (and take it) anywhere you’re in pain – sore shoulders, an achy lower back, or even attached to your headrest in the car for a long trip. Reviewers also note that it stands the test of time and won’t be another pain that you’ll have to replace.


BUY HERE for $50

Best Heating Pad


Mighty Bliss Large Electric Heating Pad


REVIEWS: 68,100

Heat is one of the most effective tools for soothing sore muscles. And this extra-large heating pad has plenty of it. At 12″ x 24″, it’s twice as large as most pads (to cover even more of your back) and has reviewers raving about how quickly and effectively it works. And if you’re still not feeling the heat, it also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.


BUY HERE for $27


Best Seat Cushion


Memory Foam Cushion


REVIEWS: 15,400


Sitting in front of a screen for long hours is a surefire way to serious back pain. But this memory foam cushion can put your spine in proper alignment – and help you find the proper posture. It’s ergonomically designed to make you more comfortable, and lots of reviewers agree: it’s an office must-have.


BUY HERE for $27


Best Acupressure Mat


ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set


REVIEWS: 32,600

Maybe the idea of lying on a mat of spiky plastic doesn’t sound totally appealing, but these 6,000 acupressure points are designed to actually make you feel good. 10 -30 minutes on the mat can release endorphins that actually block pain, relax muscles and even improve circulation. And while reviewers agree that the first few minutes can feel like torture, the benefits far outweigh the initial discomfort.


BUY HERE for $25

Best Handheld Massager


HoMedics Quatro Mini Hand-Held Massager


REVIEWS: 7,500

Sometimes the smallest of items can have the biggest impact. So don’t be fooled by this tiny handheld massager – it’s the ideal companion for quickly tackling a stiff neck or soreness. It doesn’t have any fancy features, but reviewers agree that for just $5, it’s a great option to keep close at hand.


BUY HERE for $5



Best Lumbar Support


Mesh Breathable Lumbar Support – 2 Pack


REVIEWS: 2,800


Trust us. This simple device is a real life (or back) saver. The whole Bobby Berk team has been using this mesh lumbar support to keep our lower backs aligned while working from home. And no matter your height, this is an effective solution that easily straps onto your existing office chair. Reviewers also seem to love it as an addition to any car seat for more comfortable driving too.


BUY HERE for $25