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The Biggest Bathroom Trends For 2023

We’ve been a bit trend obsessed over the last few days, as we looked to the future – and brought you our picks for what will be big in paint colors and kitchens. But we’re not done yet! There’s another room thats full of new ideas for a new year. So let’s take a peek at the biggest bathroom trends for 2023. 

Bathrooms may be one of the more functional rooms in your home, but they are still packed with plenty of design details. And in 2023, we expect to see lots of fashionable features making their way into bathrooms- like unique stones, a tonal tile, and even a room within a room. Just keep scrolling to see everything making a splash, as we spill the biggest bathroom trends for 2023.



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biggest bathroom trends for 2023


Something special is in store (or should we say, in stone) for bathrooms 2023. Stone with dramatic veining, unique patterns or a bold look will be popping up on just about every surface, from walls, to floors, shelves, vanity counters and showers. Calacatta Viola marble will continue to be a popular pick, along with other sumptuous stones ranging from quartz to travertine. In bathrooms large and small, statement stone will remain the material of choice for a totally luxe feel.



biggest bathroom trends for 2023


Don’t be envious of this bathroom trend. Just add this stand-out shade to your space for a look that’s organic, earthy – and totally in. Green tile, whether it’s sage, olive, or emerald, makes for an impactful bathroom that still has a sense of calm. Green zellige tile, with a handmade look, remains a handsome choice, but all shapes and sizes will be going green.

biggest bathroom trends for 2023


The newest bathroom trend is more than just a design feature – it’s actually a room within a room. Wet rooms, which consist of a tub and/or shower in one semi enclosed space without a threshold, are taking over bathroom design. Besides the functional aspect of confining all the slippery parts of the bathroom into one area, this room has a lot of visual appeal too – and is a real showstopper. Expect this slick trend to stick around for years to come.

biggest bathroom trends for 2023


Bathrooms are about look, well, a little less bathroom like in 2023. Furniture details we are use to seeing on consoles, dressers and credenzas are making their way onto vanities. (Think more detailed drawer fronts, rounded corners, open shelving and unique knobs.) This trend will be even more prevalent in powder rooms, where less daily use means even more intricate furniture inspired designs.