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The Biggest Paint Color Trends of 2022: Our Predictions

Photo: Sherwin Williams, Studio McGee, Behr, Molly Culver

Every year, we see plenty of trends come (and go). And the design world is no exception. Certain paint colors capture the moment – and stand out amongst the crowd. So what colors will be enlivening our spaces in 2022? You’re about to find out. 

This year, we’re predicting a shift to serene shades, calming colors, and enlivening hues. And we’re not the only ones! Some of the top paint brands are also forecasting earthy tones that evoke a sense of relaxation. Keep scrolling to see them all – and discover what shades 2022 has in store.



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In 2021, green became a go-to color for almost every room of the house (especially kitchens). And this soothing shade isn’t going anywhere. This year, we expect to see green get even earthier, bringing in gray undertones and the feeling of entering a foggy forest. And the paint experts seem to agree: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and PPG have all chosen this shade as their color of the year.




Walk into a room swathed in pale peach and you can’t help but feel bright and optimistic. And we’re predicting this color – and energy – will be popping up all over the place. It’s an ideal way to add a whole lot of happiness, plus, one of our favorite new paint brands, Backdrop, just introduced this sunny shade into their curated color collection.

Photo: Behr


Evoking a striking body of water or a serene sky, this blue/green is all about pure bliss. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, we expect this tranquil tone to be a top pick- and bring understated ease to any room. Behr selected this shade as their top color of 2022, and we agree it feels like a much-needed breath of fresh air.


Not every shade will be totally soothing in 2022. Enveloping graphite gray will also be making its way onto walls, cabinetry (and ceilings). This shade pairs perfectly with other neutrals – like white, cream, and tan – to add richness and depth. So expect lots of designers (Bobby included) to embrace the dark side.


  1. In the Gray/Green Sherwin Williams photo with the dining room table and chairs, could you share where the table and chairs are from please?

    1. That room wasn’t designed by me, so I don’t have the exact information on the products used. However, here is a similar chair and table. Thanks so much for your comment. xx -B

  2. It is so hard to really see the website for all the ad popups. They are distracting from the ability to see and enjoy your products and inspirations. I’m not trying to be negative, I just really wanted to explore your site and get ideas on what to do with my ranch style home.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I will take that into consideration and look into ways we can improve the ad experience. xx -B

  3. Do you think that the lighter grays in the main part of a house mixed with cream/tan in the bedrooms are considered soothing and flow well in a modern designed space?

    1. Absolutely! Neutral tones like that all work very well together, and can definitely feel modern and soothing. Thanks for your comment. xx -B

  4. Hi ,I ordered a wardrobe,2bedside tables and tv unit in dark walnut.The headboard is in pink/beige. Now I have a beautiful chest of drawers in light oak .Do you think it will fit or I shall paint it in walnut colour.thanks for receiving my subscribtion today

    1. I always like to create contrast with different pieces of bedroom furniture, and since walnut is a darker color, it should pair well with light oak. xx -B

  5. Hi!

    I love your designs especially your kitchens! I have Saint Cecilia counter tops and want to paint either our cabinets or walls some color but I’m afraid it’ll clash too much. Any thoughts? Everywhere I’ve looked always has it with white or tan but wanted to lean more into the trend of greens or something colorful. Thanks in advance!

    1. I tend to agree that sticking to a more neutral tone would work best with that type of counter. You could opt for a light gray/green to bring in a little bit of color. xx -B

      1. Hi, Bobby, SO much great information on your website – thank you so much!
        I am having the hardest time trying to choose a paint color for newly finished basement. I feel I want to go with an earthy neutral, but I’m not ready to have it not be gray, if that doesn’t sound crazy. I like SW Anew Gray because it’s really beige yet feels like a gray, but I’m worried it might’ve a tad too dark and make the basement feel cavernous. Not a ton of natural light. The other one that’s on my short list is SW Accessible Beige, but my qualm with this one is that it might just look like an outdated beige, like we painted it in 2011 or so. How do you do earthy soothing neutral and make it look and feel very current? Thank you.

  6. Just pick a color you like. This designer is tired of all the blah neutrals. The trend, and it is a trend, for light gray walls ALL over the house makes me feel like someone gave me too much xanax. Boring. All the grayed colors are a bit depressing to me. I like them if used sparingly.

  7. Bobby – I just wanted to pop in and wish you a happy and successful, healthy and peaceful new year. You are so special and I felt lead to let you know how I feel.
    I am new to your site but not to the QE show with your incredible designs – you are absolutely amazing.
    Thanks for making the world a much better place for being in it. ♥

    1. Thank you for your kind words! xx -B

  8. Hi Bobby,

    We are moving into our first home, which features granite luna pearl countertops in the kitchen and black appliances. There is also central island and we have black leather bar stools. I’d like to paint the cabinets a solid color and I’m wondering what color(s) you recommend? I’d love to incorporate something from the beachy blue family, like woodlawn blue. I hope I could also install brass hardware. Is this a fit or do the black/gray/white counters and black appliances mean I should go for white or something more neutral? Thanks!

    Love Always,
    Kyle R M

    1. For that countertop and black appliances, I would recommend sticking with grey paint that will tie in the color of the stone. Metro Gray is a lighter shade that coldwork nicely. As for hardware, i think black, chrome or polished nickel would work best. xx -B

  9. I painted my wainscotting white but the lines where the boards meet are showing through and look black and dingy. How can I camouflage this? Should I paint it a dark colour? Should I cover it with a peel and stick beadboard wallpaper? I can’t afford to replace it. I love the white but hate the black lines.