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The Decor You Should Get Rid Of In Your 20s, 30s, & 40s

We’ve told you all about what you should invest in when it comes to your home. But what about the things you should be getting rid of ? There are plenty of pieces you can toss in your 20s, 30s, or 40s to make room for furniture and decor that really suits your needs. And we’re showing you exactly what and where you can upgrade – no matter what decade you’re in.


Knowing what to get rid of in your home is just as important as knowing what to add. And each decade of your life brings about unique changes that can inform what you should be letting go of. And we’ve got all the info you need to make the right decisions on what to upgrade – and why it’s a smart idea.


Keep scrolling to see the items you should sell or donate – in your 20s, 30s, and 40s – to make room for pieces that will work even better.


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Entering your 20s means your life will be changing – in lots of significant ways. So when it comes to your decor, you also want to be ready to embrace change – and replace some home items to help embrace your emerging adulthood.


Here are the pieces you should get rid of in your 20s:


  • Childhood Furniture
    If you’ve been holding onto that twin-size bed or worn-down dresser that served you well since middle school, your 20s are an ideal time to transition to more adult furnishings. And replacing these pieces will help your space match your more mature outlook on life.


  • Dorm Room Decor
    As you start to get into your mid-20s, items that worked in your dorm or first apartment will begin to feel a bit dated. So start saying goodbye to the beanbag chairs, mini-fridges, and futons (or anything else that screams frat party).


  • Unframed Posters
    Consider this decade the time to take down any pinned-up posters you still have on your walls. But instead of donating them all, give your most prized pieces a more polished look by simply adding a frame. It’s an easy way to elevate anything to practically gallery-worthy.Check out Bobby’s guide to framing and the best printable art HERE
Design: Calimia Home


As you enter your 30s, you begin to develop a better sense of your own style – and what you want your space to look like. So this is the decade to begin to toss the items you don’t totally love- and upgrade to more stylish versions.


Here are the pieces you should get rid of in your 30s:


  • Basic Furniture PIECES
    Those basic pieces you purchased in your 20s might not be looking so good after a few years. So whether it’s a bed frame, dining set, coffee table, or shelving unit, now is an opportune time to unload any entry-level items in favor of higher-quality versions.


  • WORN OUT Hand Me Downs
    At this point in life, you’ve probably acquired at least a few pieces that have been passed down from your family. But unless they are cherished antiques, you can safely unload any worn-down furniture, art, or lighting that doesn’t quite match your personal style.


  • Mismatched Kitchen Items
    Cabinets and drawers full of mismatched items aren’t just an organizational nightmare- they also make dining a lot less visually appealing. Streamline things by donating your mismatched dishes, cups, or flatware and opting for sparkling new sets instead.


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By the time you’ve reached your 40s, life is quite settled- and so is your space. But there are still a few pieces that may be worth letting go of to create a home that really functions for you. 


Here are the pieces you should get rid of in your 40s:


  • the Starter Sofa
    You’ve probably had lots of years sitting pretty on your sofa. But if you have the budget, it may be time to toss your starter and upgrade to a sofa with a deeper seat, more supportive cushions, or a more spacious sectional.


  • Your Well-Worn Mattress
    As we get older, a supportive mattress becomes even more of a necessity – and a lifesaver for your back. So if your mattress has seen more comfortable days, (the average mattress lifespan is 10 years) get yourself a model that will deliver sound sleep.


  • Basic Lighting YOU HAVEN’T CHANGED
    If you’ve had the same standard light fixtures in place for a long time, consider swapping for a more custom option that you really love. Nows the chance to invest in a piece that will keep things light and bright- and make a stylish statement.



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  1. I loved this article! The only suggestion I have is, keep it going! What I mean is: life doesn’t end in your 40’s and there’s more and more to get rid of! I’m willing to bet that plenty of your fans are in their 50’s, 60’s, or even 70’s. I am 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for reading and appreciate your wisdom 😉 Sending lots of love! xx -B