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The Design Pieces To Invest In – For Toddlers, Tweens & Teens

 Any parent can tell you: kids grow up fast. And growing up also means outgrowing toys, clothes, and especially furniture. That’s why you’ve got to be smart when it comes to outfitting your child’s room with pieces that have a purpose – beyond just a few years. So today, we’re showing you what (and when) to invest in, all the way from a toddler to a teenager. 

While it’s easy to add in decorative items like pillows, art, and accessories as your child’s tastes change, it makes the most sense to shop for larger furniture pieces that will be able to grow with them. Whether it a clever combo piece that can go from one purpose to another, or foundational furniture that can transition throughout the years, there’s plenty of smart options to invest in – and we’re telling you exactly what they are!


Keep scrolling to see the best items to purchase for toddlers, tweens, and teens (that will save you money along the way).


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TODDLERS (And Infants)

There are obviously some essential pieces you’ll need when welcoming a little one. But instead of purchasing pieces that will only last for a few years, go for options that can change as quickly as they do. Furniture that can convert isn’t just smarter, it’s also easier on your wallet. Plus, you can turn the process of converting a piece of furniture into a fun “unveiling” with your kids.



Here are the key pieces to purchase for toddlers:


  • A Crib That Converts
    3 in 1 is a lot more fun – and useful too. So make sure you choose a crib that can convert. With a removable side and the addition of a rail, a crib quickly becomes a more grown-up toddler bed. Some cribs even offer a conversion kit to turn them into full-size beds, adding even more functionality.


  • A Multi-Functional Changing Table
    Opt for a dresser with a removable changing table top, and you’ll have a piece that will continue to provide storage well beyond childhood. A simple style that doesn’t feel too juvenile will further enhance its longevity.


  • A Better Bookshelf
    A spot to keep all their favorite stories is essential (and can also function as extra storage). But instead of choosing a pint-sized piece, go for something that has a longer shelf life. A taller bookcase, or something that can be added on to, will be a better option as they grow.



When they reach that in-between stage, it’s time to add furniture that’s also able to transition from childhood to early adulthood. And incorporating pieces that feel a bit more grown-up (and that they help pick out) means they’re easier to adapt to teenage years too.



Here are the pieces you should purchase for tweens:


  • Ban the Bunk For A Full or Queen Bed
    Bunk beds may seem like an attractive option to save space, but a full or queen bed will have a much longer life than a stacked sleeping arrangement. So when your kiddo outgrows a toddler or twin bed, opt for a more mature bed instead – one they can even take with them when they move out.


  • An Adaptable Desk
    A great desk is even more important now that more students are learning from a distance. Like a new pair of shoes, It’s always better to choose an option they can grow into rather than a scaled-down version. And an adjustable desk chair can always help make a high surface feel just right.


  • Some Serious Storage
    Having kids means having lots of stuff. So invest in storage pieces to keep all their things corraled, whether it’s woven baskets, a freestanding storage unit, or a closet organizer. There are endless ways to use them – and they can easily be re-purposed once kids have left home.


Teenagers face plenty of changes during this time of their lives, and invariably their furniture will be changing to accommodate new needs (and opinions). So opt for pieces that can express their personality. And since most teens won’t be at home for that much longer, choosing pieces that can move out with them is a smart move to set them up for the future. 


Here are the pieces you should purchase for teens:


  • A Mature Mattress
    If their current mattress has seen better days, it might be time to invest in a piece that will help them sleep soundly, and get them through many years to come. A latex option has up to a 20-year lifespan, so it’s a solid choice that can follow them to their first apartment and beyond.


  • Lighting They Love
    Lighting that reflects their personality is a bright idea for any teen’s space, whether it’s through bedside lamps, a ceiling pendant, or task lighting. More simplified shapes will have more staying power down the road, but choosing a colored or patterned shade for a lamp is one easy way to express themselves – and can easily be swapped later.


  • A Comfy Lounge Chair
    A teenage bedroom can have a lot of functions – besides just a place to sleep. So adding a lounge chair is a great way to add comfort and a place for them to unwind. Opt for a version that has a more tailored look (sorry bean bag chairs) and it will easily move into adulthood as well.


  1. Bobby,
    I love this ‘new’ thought! Teenagers needs pieces they can take with them! Beautiful. I imagined most kids leaving with a suitcase and have to figure the rest out by themselves. This is just perfection. Thank you. Lynda Louden Interiors

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and reading our story!! xx -B