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The Dos & Don’ts Of News Year’s Resolutions

After the champagne has been popped and the party is over, the reality (and the pending resolutions) for the new year begin to set in. Many of us set lofty goals for self improvement – without the tools to ensure those new habits really stick. But in 2023, we’re here to help you make positive changes that last, as we share the dos & don’ts of new year’s resolutions.  




Unfortunately, some resolutions can be doomed from the start without the right process and planning behind them. Thats why we’re here to show you how to take action to improve your heath, step up your self care, or achieve your goals – with helpful insight into setting expectations and taking small steps towards building long term habits. It’s time to discover the dos & don’ts of new year’s resolutions.  


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DO: Set Small Goals

The key to really achieving and sticking to your resolutions is starting small. Small steps are a great stepping stone to realizing your larger goals, and make it easier to actually get started. This could mean beginning with a few minutes of exercise, replacing one meal a day with a healthier option, or journaling once a week.


DON’T: Be Vague

Vague resolutions such as “I’m going to be healthier” or “I want to get organized” are going to be harder to stick to. So be more specific and intentional for better results. A resolution to walk 15 minutes a day or spend 5 minutes a day cleaning up your closet are much more realistic and achievable.

DO: Focus On What You Can Control

Only certain aspects of our lives are actually in our control. (You can’t alter other people’s actions or magically improve traffic.) So when setting goals, you’ll want to focus on the things you can change. Focus on resolutions that involve personal behavioral changes – and you can achieve on your own.



DON’T: Set Goals Based On Others 

If you’re making resolutions based on what you think society or your friends expect, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Goals should always be based on your own wants and desires, not the unrealistic expectations you may feel from outside forces in your life. 

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DO: Measure Your Goals

Keeping track of your progress in a journal or using an app designed to help you track goals can be a great way to reinforce your behavior. Check in with yourself every couple days, and you’ll see your tangible results in real time. This will also provide you with plenty of self encouragement.



DON’T: Get Discouraged 

It’s totally normal to have set backs and feel like you have slipped up. The important thing is not to get discouraged or give up. If you’re struggling, try rewarding yourself when you hit certain milestones, and use that as a motivation to keep going!