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The Drew Barrymore Designed Chair That Looks Good In Any Room

It’s not often we encounter a piece of furniture that pretty much has it all. Looks good? Check. Super comfy and works in just about any room? Check and check. And this ideal chair also has another big selling point – it was designed by (Bobby’s friend) Drew Barrymore!

She’s more than just a talk show host and actor! Drew Barrymore has also created some covetable products for her Beautiful line at Walmart. And for her first piece of furniture, she made a chair that checks all the boxes. So let’s take a look at the Drew Barrymore-designed chair you need in your home.

Photo: Walmart

The Drew Chair 

There’s a lot to love about this super cute chair. Let’s start with the plush boucle fabric (that’s also stain treated). It feels great, looks even better, and is now available in an earthy sage green color in addition to white! At 40″ wide and 36″ deep, it’s also a generous size for really getting cozy – or snuggling up with someone. But the standout feature would have to be the swivel base, which allows you to spin in any direction!