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The Easiest Way To Replace A Light Fixture (In Just 5 Minutes)

Nothing can bring down a room like bad lighting. And unfortunately, many of our spaces have truly unattractive ceiling lights (like the infamous boob light). Sure, you can remove it, but we’ve discovered the easiest way to replace a light fixture – and bring stylish lighting to any space!




Tulip has made updating an unsightly ceiling light fixture incredibly simple. How simple you may ask? You can install it in just 5 minutes, and it requires no tools (other than two hands). Seriously! Just about any flush mount can be transformed into a stylish shade. Just let us show you how.

the easiest way to replace a light fixture


Instead of removing a flush mount light, Tulip’s shades were designed to ingeniously slip right over top of them! That’s right – there’s no need to mess with wiring or removing a fixture, and there are just 3 simple steps. You simply take the plastic ring, mount it to your ceiling using the included command strips (or screws if you have an uneven ceiling texture) and then pop the shade onto the ring. The shade easily and securely attaches magnetically, giving you a stylish new light fixture in just a few minutes!


Perfect for renters or anyone looking for an oh-so-easy way to update a light, Tulip is transforming homes, apartments, and any interior – one light at a time! Keep strolling for the before and after – and to shop all of Tulip’s shades!


Want to see exactly how it’s done? Check out THIS REEL where our Creative Content Lead, Logan, gives his bedroom a whole new look with Tulip!