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These Easy Home Hacks Can Save You A Lot Of Money

The only thing we like more than clever hacks that can improve your home? Hacks that will also save you a lot of money. And there are plenty of ways to make your space look and function even better (that won’t require much time or effort either). So get ready to discover the hacks everyone should know – and start improving and saving at the same time!

Sometimes, it’s the small things that can make the biggest difference. And that’s definitely the case when it comes to hacks for your home. A few quick changes can improve energy efficiency, save electricity, and help you avoid making expensive purchases – all in a matter of minutes. So don’t wait for a second longer! Keep scrolling (and start saving) today.



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1. Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies 

With just 3 common ingredients (baking soda, vinegar, and bleach) you can make almost any household cleaner – that’s just as effective as a store-bought option. And over the course of a year, you can save quite a bit of cash by utilizing homemade versions. Check out easy instructions to make all sorts of cleaners HERE.



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2. Replace Furnace & AC Filters 

Keeping your furnace filters fresh has two benefits: it will help it run more efficiently and prolongs the furnace’s life span. And during high usage periods in the winter, it’s smart to replace the filter monthly.  For freestanding or wall unit air conditioners, clean filters monthly and replace them yearly for optimal performance.






3. Unplug Electronics You’re Not Using 

Did you know 75% percent of electrical use by home electronics occurs when they’re turned off? That’s a lot of wasteful energy use. So slash your electric bill by plugging your devices into a power strip – and flipping it off when not in use. You can also invest in a wifi-enabled outlet that can be controlled by your smartphone and monitors energy usage.


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Photo: Brita

4. Embrace Reuseable Products 

Single-use products are bad for the planet – and your wallet. The good news is you can easily swap lots of throw-away items for their reusable counterparts. Try using washable kitchen cloths instead of paper towels, wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets, and a filtered water dispenser instead of stocking up on plastic water bottles.




5. Get A Programmable Thermostat

If you’re not efficiently heating and cooling your home, then you’re probably spending more than you should be. Installing a smart thermostat that can be programmed and controlled wirelessly to turn on and off as needed will ensure you’re only using the energy you actually need. And for a low-fi way to also save on heating and cooling, be sure to close vents in rooms that aren’t being used.




6. Freeze Your Fresh Foods 

Ice cream and frozen meals aren’t the only things you should be keeping in your freezer. There are lots of foods you can freeze and keep fresh for months. Items like bread, butter, soup, cheese, herbs, desserts, and more can all be stored in freezer-safe containers and simply defrosted when you’re ready to enjoy. Try stocking up on common items the next time they go on sale and pop them in the freezer to save you money on future grocery trips.




  1. Hi Bobby and Team,
    I love all the round ups you are doing! I would love to have a round up of extendable ROUND indoor dining tables. Ideally ones that can seat 6 or more when NOT extended. I have been searching and am having a real hard time finding attractive ones that aren’t country but more modern in style…
    Thanks so much for considering : )

    1. That’s a great idea for a roundup and I will consider it for a future post! In the meantime, here is one of my favorite round extendable dining tables. xx -B