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The Genius Product Every Dog Owner Needs

Any dog owner (including Bobby) will tell you the same thing: We love our pups! But no one loves having to carry around a bag full of you know what once a dog does their business. That’s why our latest discovery is the product every dog owner needs – and will make your daily walk a lot more hygienic and enjoyable. 

This smart item takes one of the dirtiest parts of dog ownership – carrying around a poo bag – and makes it a lot more pleasant. It’s the $10 product every dog owner needs – and you won’t want to take a walk without!



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the product every dog owner needs

The DooLoop

The dooloop is an easy way to keep unpleasant poo bags out of your hands (and further from your nostrils). This simple attachment hangs from your dog leash and securely holds a bag (or two) – leaving your hands free to hold that morning cup of coffee or push a stroller. When you’re read to toss it in the trash, simply pull up to remove it. And as an added bonus, dooloop is also made in the USA, woman owned, and made from recycled plastic!