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The (Lazy) Guide To Cleaning: Our 12 Best Time-Saving Hacks

We’ve shared lots of tips to help you clean your home, from the spots you might be missing, to how to wash bedding, and even getting whiter sheets. But before you pull out the mop and bucket, you’ll also want to learn the hacks you need to make the job a whole lot easier. Consider this the “lazy” guide to maximizing your cleaning routine – with minimal effort.

Cleaning might not be your idea of fun (or even slightly enjoyable). But trust us when we say these hacks will make all the difference. Because cleaning is not about the amount of work you put into it. It’s all about scrubbing smarter – and employing methods that mean less time spent polishing – and more time actually enjoying your home. So grab a sponge and get ready to soak up all these (easy) cleaning solutions.


Keep scrolling to see 12 of our best (and easiest) cleaning solutions for every room in your house.



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1. Go From Top To Bottom, Dry To Wet 

To give your cleaning routine some order, follow this framework: always start at the highest point and work your way down. Usually, that means getting any pesky cobwebs from corners or ceiling trim, then focusing on cabinets and counters, and then making your way to the floor. (This will ensure you’re not standing on an area you’ve already scrubbed.) The same goes for dusting or vacuuming, which should be done prior to any spraying or scrubbing.


2. Streamline Your Products

If you’ve accumulated a cleaning product for every room (and every surface) in your home, it might be time to rethink your supplies. And a crowded cabinet means more time searching instead of actually cleaning. So consider downsizing to a multipurpose cleaner that works on lots of materials and 1 or 2 specialty cleaners. Check out Bobby’s cleaning essentials HERE.


3. Steam Clean Your Microwave

You may not have noticed between zapping your fave frozen foods, but your microwave might be just a little messy (especially in the spots you can’t see). For an oh-so-easy way to get it sparkling clean again, simply place half a lemon in a bowl of water and hit 3 minutes. All the stuck-on food particles and sauces will easily wipe off with a towel in just seconds.

4. A Simple Way Soak Up Mold

Most of the time, it doesn’t take a fancy product or a ton of scrubbing to get the job done. And in your tub, all you need are two common household items to make mildew and mold disappear. Simply soak a handful of cotton balls in bleach and apply to any areas along the caulk line that are looking a bit funky. Let them sit for 15 minutes, and any sign of mold will be long gone.


5. Make Good Use Of Microfiber

If there’s one product that’s a must-have for Spring cleaning, it’s got to be the mighty microfiber cloth. Instead of tearing off endless paper towels or disinfectant wipes, employ a microfiber to clean just about any surface in your home. It’s tailor-made for tackling dust, leaving glass looking gorgeous, or cleaning off counters. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly solution that can be laundered and used for many Springs to come.


6. The Hands-Off Way To Clean A Shower Curtain Liner 

Chances are, your shower curtain liner is doing more keeping your bathroom dry – it’s also storing up lots of soap scum. But instead of scrubbing it, just take it down and toss it in the washer! Place it in the machine with your regular detergent and a few towels (to make sure it doesn’t get tangled) and it will come out looking just like new.


7. Carry Cleaning Products With You 

One of our easiest tips for clever cleaning? Simply keep your supplies with you as you work your way through your space. Place everything in a handled bucket or tote and you’ll have it with you (and right where you need it). You can also place one container in the kitchen, one in the bathroom, and one in a hall closet to easily divide and conquer cleaning.

8. A Better Way To Clean Baseboards 

Bending over to clean baseboards is a real hassle (not to mention a pain in the neck). So do yourself a favor and add this clever tool to trap dust in no time. It’s designed so you just have to walk and push (that’s it!) to get baseboards, molding, or door trims looking their best. Or, if you prefer a DIY method, simply attach a microfiber cloth to a broom to achieve the same results.


9. Embrace Magic Erasers 

Do you believe in magic? If not, you will after embracing these erasers. They’re our absolute go-to when it comes to removing any sort of stain, scuff, or smudge from the kitchen to the garage. Plus, they now come in thin, eraser sheets that are perfect for hard-to-reach corners. So keep a stack on hand when it comes time to clean, or anytime you need to effortlessly erase.

10. Make Easy Work of Blinds

For the best way to clean your blinds, opt for the unexpected: a pair of kitchen tongs.  Just wrap each side with a microfiber cloth and you’ll have the ideal tool for getting in between thin slats (and getting rid of all the dust that’s accumulated). It’s a faster and more effective method than a feather duster, and won’t leave dust particles flying either.


11. Lift All Sorts Of Dirt With A Lint Roller

A lint roller can do so much more than pull pet hair off your favorite pants. So add it into your cleaning arsenal to tackle an array of tasks, from cleaning lampshades to grabbing crumbs off the coffee table. We’re especially fond of this version, which has a pivoting head that makes it easy to maneuver into corners and under cushions, lifting up everything in its tracks.

12. Try A 10-Minute Speed Clean

While now is the time to give your space a serious, deep clean, consider adding a 10-minute speed clean to your regular schedule. A few days a week, spend just a fraction of your day tidying up one specific area or focusing on one task. It could be vacuuming, a quick once over all your bathroom surfaces, or simply clearing a pile of clutter. A little bit of upkeep can go a long way to keeping big messes to a minimum and save you time and effort when Spring cleaning comes along each year.


  1. Thank you Bobby. Oprah Winfrey is my favorite role model beside Michelle Obama, President Obama, my sister and my like minded community coaches from U.S.A Marathon Training, OPTAVIA30 and inspirational leaders like you.

    Now I am ready to start claiming my five bedroom house near Griffith Park with your design and ideas. I love yesterday’s post and your explanation of the Sedar Plate. I will share with my friends again! Blessings,
    Lollett Jones-Boyce

  2. My baseboard hack is this – get a new mophead and mop the baseboards and walls with mild detergent and warm water. I use an o-cedar with the spinning bucket for this trick!

    No bending and the yuck is in the bucket!

    1. Great tip – Thanks so much for sharing! xx -B

  3. The ideas and blessings just keeps coming. Love, love, love your ideas and design Bobby!