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The Living Room Trends We’re Predicting For 2021 (And How To Add Them To Your Home)

For the past few months, you’ve probably been doing a lot more living (and possibly dining and working) in your actual living room. It’s truly become the room we gather in, get cozy, and definitely Netflix and chill. It’s also the space where plenty of trends are popping up – and today we’re showing you the styles we think will be making the biggest impressions in 2021. 


From comfort to curves, going bold or going natural, there are lots of trends on the horizon for living rooms – including easy ways you can bring in a fresh look for 2021. So what can you expect to see this year?


Keep scrolling to see the trends we think will be making their way into a lot more living rooms this year (and the furniture, lighting, and accessories you need to bring them to your home).


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Comfortably Eclectic 

Above all else, comfort will be king in 2021. Creating spaces that look inviting, make us feel at ease, and reflect a sense of calm will be among the most enduring trends this year. But there’s also a focus on bringing in unique and eclectic items that really make a living room feel like your home. That means adding vintage pieces that tell a story, to a mixture of warm colors and textures and layering on elements to give this room a comfortable and collected vibe.


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Design: RMGB

Bringing In The Bold

Going BOLD is undoubtedly the most eye-catching trend this year. Not for the color averse, it’s all about using striking tones to make a statement with one or two pieces, whether it’s a bright colored sofa, an oversize piece of art, or a rug that really pops against a room that is otherwise more muted in tone. Using just a few larger pieces that are colorful will also help create a more definitive focal point in the living room, directing the eye without seeming overly busy.


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Open To Nature

A connection to the great outdoors will continue to inspire our interiors – especially living rooms. Anything found in nature, from natural materials to organic textures, to an earthy color palette are all expected to be on everyone’s wish list. Natural stone fireplaces and wood wall paneling will feature architecturally, and of course, plants of every variety will be in full bloom. And since living rooms will continue to be a place to retreat and recharge, the grounding effect of nature will be more relevant than ever.


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Design: Amber Lewis

California Casual Farmhouse

Farmhouse style has definitely taken hold of the design world in the past few years. And we think a particular take on the style – mixing in earthy tones and a casual, California vibe – will make its mark this year. The trademark details, like rustic elements, cozy textiles, and warm wood, will be joined by more modern pieces of furniture, subtle tone on tone patterns, and a mix of ceramics and textural accessories. And warm white walls will remain the ideal backdrop – and to bring in the glow of sunny SoCal afternoon.


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Creating Curves

Straight lines are so 2020. This year, we’re predicting lots of curves ahead. From sofas with curved corners, rounded legs, oval tabletops, and accessories with serves, there won’t be a 90-degree angle in sight (well, maybe just a few). Even lighting will get in on the action, with floor lamps with molded metal shades, bulbous-based table lamps, and lots of glowing globe pendant lights. Considering the visual appeal of soft and curvy lines, living rooms are shaping up to be a lot easier on the eyes in 2021.


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  1. You rock…..thank you for the inspiration

    1. Thanks so much for reading!! xx -B

  2. Loving the curves! Does this include arches for open doorways? Soft & cozy is always in my style book.

    1. For sure! Arches help create that curvy visual element in your space as well. Stay inspired and cozy! xx -B

  3. Loved the “comfortably” with the calm colors!

    1. Thanks for commenting! Hope you stay cozy and comfy in your space this year. xx -B

  4. I love California Casual Farmhouse…now decision time: to paint our fireplace or not to paint…that is the question!

  5. Help! I think my style is transitional but I do like your California farmhouse. Everything I see has a white or beige sofa. Not practical for me how do I get that same look? You are amazing.

    1. You can definitely achieve the same style with a darker color sofa. I would go with natural colors, like browns, taupes, and olive greens that still have that connection to the outdoors, but contrast well with lighter tones. Thanks so much for your comment. xx -B

  6. Hello my new apartment has old white cream tile in the living room, and for the life of me I cannot conceive of how to decorate the space. Would the natural tones work well?
    Thanks so much for your time.

    1. Yes, I would embrace the color of the tile and use neutral tones like beige, grey, or black and bring in natural textures that would also work well. Happy decorating! xx -B