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The Most Searched Bedroom Color Of 2021 (It’s Probably Not What You’re Expecting)

Photo: Dan Arnold

When most of us envision a relaxing bedroom, we typically think of light, soothing shades. But as it turns out, the color that could help you get a better night’s rest (and was also the most searched in 2021) is actually a whole lot darker. So we’re taking a closer look at black bedrooms – and showing you how to make this unexpected shade work in your space. 

According to Google data compiled by Living Cozy, users searched for black bedrooms 44% more often than white. (It’s true!) So why the interest in this darker tone? We’re about to break down the benefits of embracing the dark side – along with Bobby’s best tips for how you can incorporate this shade in more subtle ways.



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How To Make A Black Bedroom Work 

While a black bedroom may seem like a dramatic choice, there are a handful of benefits to be had by going dark. Black walls can actually reduce the amount of light absorbed during the day – making it easier to fall asleep. A black room also has less active “energy” than lighter colors, which in turn can help your mind more easily relax and prepare for rest.


But how do you design a black bedroom that doesn’t look like a vampire’s den? We’ve got a few helpful tips for embracing black – without going totally extreme.



Balance With Lighter Tones

Since black absorbs so much light, it’s important to counteract that by adding lighter-colored items – like furniture, bedding, rugs, or art. This will also create much-needed contrast (and keep the room from feeling too much like a cave).



Photo: Haris Kenjar
Design: Sean Anderson

Bring In Texture & Depth

Adding pieces with texture and patina can also help black walls look a lot less stark. Warm wood tones, leather, and natural materials are all ideal for softening up this stark shade. And instead of painting your walls, you can also opt for a textured wallpaper or a plaster wall treatment to add depth.


Not ready to commit to a fully black bedroom? Try incorporating some of these more subtle – yet graphic – options instead.