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The New Bobby Berk Office: How New Windows Can Make A Huge Difference

With so many changes underway at Bobby’s new office, it’s even hard for us to keep track! And today, we’re bringing you an update on one of the biggest changes we have in store – an item that was crucial to giving the entire space an updated look (and letting in lots of light). We’re talking about windows – and how choosing the right option can enhance any room and add plenty of design appeal – inside and out. 

Updating your windows might seem like a major undertaking (and don’t get us wrong, it totally is!) But the right style window can make a huge difference in your home – and be a sound investment. From elevating your interior and exterior appeal to adding extra function (and, of course, light), new windows are clearly a good idea. And we’re about to show you how we selected just the right option to enhance our new office!


Keep scrolling to see how we’re using new windows to make a major impact – inside and out. And be sure to check back next week for even more exciting updates.


*This post was sponsored by Marvin, but all words and opinions expressed are our own. 


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The Before

At first glance, the windows in the home might not seem like a necessary change. Sure, they functioned perfectly fine, but the rust-colored casings and style left much to be desired. In order to really elevate and add function, we knew we wanted to take them to a modern new level. And that meant making some significant overhauls to both the front and rear, from enlarging windows to replacing sliders to more stylish french doors to options that would fold open to allow a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors – all with the help of our friends at Marvin



The Changes

Changing up the windows wasn’t as simple as just swapping them out for newer models. To achieve a modern feel at the office that would be visually appealing and more functional inside and out, we also needed to make some adjustments – and utilize the expertise of the team at Marvin. Starting with the front, we planned to remove a window in the conference area (above the garage) and replace it with french doors and an iron railing. We felt this provided some balance to the front door, and also some visual interest and dimension to the facade. We would also be eliminating a street-facing balcony on the 2nd floor, and instead, extend the office area and add arched windows. The two small windows in the stairwell would get extended to allow even more light into the entryway, plus we would add a unique quatrefoil window over the front door (a common motif in Spanish-style architecture).

In the rear, we decided to remove a window in the kitchen and replace it with more functional glass french doors. We also planned to bring in two special (and unexpected) elements. The kitchen would get a unique folding window, creating a connected pass through to the backyard (hello al fresco dining!) Plus, the sliding doors in the conference area would be expanded and turned into a trio of folding doors – merging indoor and outdoors.

The Inspiration

For the look and feel of the windows, we had one vision in mind from the start: Spanish Modern. We wanted to embrace the home’s existing stucco facade and terracotta tile roof, adding windows that would feel thoroughly modern, but also complement those elements. And lucky for us, we all agreed that going with a simple black frame was the best option for bringing in that modern touch – and that Marvin was a great place to start our search. Sleek black casings (the molding around the window) and simple mullions would provide graphic contrast against the white exterior paint, while still feeling classic enough to work with the architectural features.





The Windows We Chose 

With a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve, it came time to select the actual windows. Obviously, there are lots and lots of window manufacturers, styles, and options to choose from, and we needed a brand that understood our objective and would be able to provide customized options to fit the space. And after a few meetings and reviewing options, we knew Marvin had exactly what we were looking for. They not only offer a huge range of styles, sizes (and customization options), we were also impressed by the quality of their products. The company also focuses not just on how their products look – but also on how they can improve your home, and your well-being (something Bobby has always advocated for).


Since attention to detail and craftsmanship were important (we are designers after all), we decided on Marvin’s Signature Collection Ultimate windows and doors. This line gave us plenty of possibilities to bring our vision to life, with finish options we really loved. Working with the Marvin team, we were able to customize the ultimate casement narrow frame in a number of different sizes for all our window needs. The ebony finish on the exterior and designer black on the interior were just right for creating those clean lines we craved too.

We were especially excited about the very cool arched windows that were going in the office area. Once we decided to enclose the balcony area, we knew we wanted to keep the arches intact. And creating custom arched windows with Marvin meant we could do just that -as well as bring way more interest to the front exterior and really flood that room with light during the day.

For doors, we went with the  Ultimate Swinging French Doors in the living room, conference area, and breakfast area of the kitchen. They definitely bring in a level of sophistication and feel more connected to the Spanish style of the house.


With all the windows and doors now installed, we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.


Keep scrolling to see how the windows and doors turned out!