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The New Bobby Berk Office: The Design Details & Mood Boards For Every Room

Now that the cat’s out of the bag – and you know all about our new office – we’re back to share even more of the exciting details. And this week, we’ve got your first peek into our vision for the space, and the materials, fixtures, and furnishings that will transform the home into a showcase for Bobby’s design style (and one good-looking office, too). 

Every renovation project starts with a construction plan (which for us means tearing down walls, ripping out 80s tile, and pulling up carpet). But once the space itself has been planned,  then comes the task of figuring out exactly how a project will look and feel. We always start by compiling lots (and lots) of inspiration and then narrowing down our ideas into mood boards for each room. These boards provide a design direction and overall vision, as well as detailing out everything from flooring to paint color to light fixtures. And today, we’ve got all the mood boards Bobby and the design team created to show you how we’ve envisioned our new office. 


Keep scrolling to see our vision (and mood boards) for the entire home. And be sure to check in next week as we share a BTS of the construction and how things are progressing.


In case you missed it, you can see all the details of how this project came to be and how it’s progressing here: Our Newest Project:Bobby’s New Office and All The Construction Under Way (And The Progress We’ve Made).


Overall Look & Feel: Organic Modern 

When it came to the design direction of the office, well, it was a bit of a no-brainer! Like so many of the spaces we design (and Bobby’s own home) we knew we wanted to go for an Organic Modern style, with clean lines, a minimal palette, and lots of earthy touches. Warm white walls, light oak flooring, and black accents would serve as the starting point (and color direction) for the entire space. We then expanded upon those elements in each room, seeking a cohesive look that still had plenty of visual interest. 

And since the home also has a Spanish feel, we knew we wanted to incorporate elements that would compliment and connect with that aesthetic, like a plaster fireplace,  handmade glazed tiles, and rustic wood beams. When all combined together, the space is really a balance: of light and dark, earthy and clean – and above all, a home that will provide a spacious and soothing spot to really get to work.


From the moment you’ll walk in the (new) arched front doors, the style of the space will immediately become clear (and brighter courtesy of the addition of windows). Lots of warm wood tones, bright white walls, and plenty of modern touches should make quite the first impression. A herringbone pattern for the floor distinguishes the entry area from the rest of the home, and a stylish new stair and linear black railing truly takes the entry to new heights. And to top it all off, a sculptural light fixture will balance it all out overhead.

Living Room

With a gorgeous vaulted ceiling and arched entryway, we really didn’t have to do that much designing to bring the living room to life. Besides updating the flooring, the biggest change will be a new plaster fireplace that better connects with the Spanish style and creates a more prominent focal point in the room. It will be flanked on each side by a pair of modern sconces, creating a nice balance between the more traditional shapes of the fireplace. And to really up the dramatic contrast, we looked up – and decided to give the wood ceiling a rich, ebony stain to really stand out.


We’ve got big plans to take this kitchen into the 21st century. And after knocking down walls and expanding the space, we plan to bring in a modern mix of materials and create a stylish space to get cooking (or just heat up our lunches). We’ll start with all-black cabinetry on the back wall, and bring in a very cool brass panel for the island cabinets. A marble countertop will cover all the surfaces, with a bit more brass popping up in the hardware and faucet. For that organic touch (and to balance out all the metal and stone), we’re sourcing reclaimed wood beams and a handmade tile backsplash. Add in a pair of spun metal pendants and some suspended shelves, and this kitchen should be a real showstopper.



Den/ Conference Room 

The room that formerly functioned as the den will be taking on a new task in our new office: as the gathering spot to get creative and hold team meetings. So to get it ready to accommodate us all, we’re planning on streamlining the space (to make room for a massive meeting table we’ll reveal soon). The existing fireplace will be transformed into a modern metal surround, and the bar area will get a bold new look, courtesy of black cabinetry and a statement-making stone counter and backsplash. And when you’re designing your own office, why not keep a bar in your conference room? Cocktails at 5!

Downstairs Bathroom

One unique feature of this house? Instead of just a powder room, it featured a full bathroom on the main floor. And we plan to take full advantage of the larger size and give this room lot of design love. Cladding the counter and shower walls in a handsome veined marble will add some serious appeal, along with a sculptural mirror and brass sconces over the vanity. Black hardware will keep things clean – with just the right amount of edge. And while we are sticking to a very minimal palette (in case that wasn’t obvious enough), this bathroom is getting a bit of color with a gorgeous green tile floor.

Call Room

When you’re turning a home into an office, having a guest bedroom isn’t exactly practical. (We don’t plan on having any sleepovers.) So we’re giving this space a new spin, and “calling” it by a new name: the call room. As you probably guessed, this is the spot where we’ll take calls and will serve as a more intimate area for one on one meetings. We’ll start by creating a very cool curved banquette and a round table that’s tucked into a corner. Then add a striking arched sconce and a wall of shelves to display our fave periodicals. And since you can never have enough storage, we’re also adding a wall of built-ins to keep every nice and tidy (and easily hidden behind doors).

Upstairs Bathroom

For the 2nd bathroom, we’re sticking to a classic B&W scheme – with a few modern twists thrown in too. A simple white vanity will feel anything but when paired with a luxe black marble counter, large round mirror, and black sculptural sconces. As a different take on traditional subway tile, we’re planning a 2″ x 8″ vertically stacked white tile for the shower. And as for flooring, we’re going classic (and custom), with a black hex tile that will also get a marble trim around the baseboard.

Office Area

No office would be complete without an area to actually get some work done. So to give our team plenty of space to spread out, we’re combing all 3 bedrooms upstairs into one large office area. And once the walls are down, it will be all about creating some serious storage. To replace the existing closets, we’ve got plans for tons of built-ins that will house material samples, fabrics, flooring, and all the other ephemera you need in design. Painting everything white, we’ll keep the room light and bright – the perfect blank slate for letting our creative juices flow.

Main Bathroom

In the largest of the 3 bathrooms, we really wanted to create a soothing spot – that would also allow us to show off our design skills too. The centerpiece will definitely be a double vanity with a warmed toned marble counter and linear wood front. Brass accents will show up in the faucet, hardware, and mirror, plus tubular sconces will tie in the black of the terracotta flooring. All the walls will feature a bone-colored zellige tile that will add some sheen and that handmade touch. We’ll also create an entire “wet room” with a freestanding tub and shower separated from the rest of the space. (And while no-one is taking a bath on their break, it just made sense to include a tub that we could feature in future content).

Laundry Room

Last (but certainly not least) we’ve pulled together a laundry room design that gets the job done – and also has some fun. We’ve kept the cabinetry and wall tile in simple shades of white (with a hit of black knobs) and let the flooring make the big statement. This arched concrete tile brings in a cool, graphic quality that also says “don’t take laundry so serious!”


Well, that’s the entire space. Let us know in the comments what you think of all the ideas we have planned. And in case you missed it, you can see all the details of how this project came to be and how it’s progressing here: Our Newest Project: Bobby’s New Office and All The Construction Under Way (And The Progress We’ve Made).


  1. WOW! Just WOW!!
    Speechless it’s gorge, fresh and clean, warm and cozy, luxurious and just …. amazingggggg ??
    Congratulations- looking forward seeing it roll out

    1. Thanks so much for reading! We cannot wait to share the progress on our new office as it gets completed. Stay safe and inspired! xx -B

  2. Your Organic Modern design theme appears to be related to Scandanavian Modern and it’s Japanese variant introduced last year. Very much like the live-edged dining table and the leather club chair – side table combination. Overalll, a nice design demonstration space.

    1. Thanks so much for your detailed look into our design! Stay safe and inspired. xx -B