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The Number #1 Thing Bobby Recommends You Do In Your Home

There are endless ways you can improve your home (and we’ve shared a lot of them). But when it comes to easy upgrades, there’s one change that Bobby thinks should be at the top of your list. It won’t require a lot of time or money, but it will absolutely give your space a bright new look. And today, Bobby is showing you exactly how YOU can do it yourself. 

Have you figured it out yet? The #1 change you should be making is… Swapping out your lighting! Yep, it’s as simple as that. Changing out the lighting in your home, whether it’s a wall sconce, a flush mount, or a chandelier, is a chance to add a more beautiful and functional piece to your space. And the best part? You can totally do it yourself! Don’t be intimidated by a little electrical work! We promise that’s not nearly as difficult as you may think. In fact, even renters can make this swap (and still get their deposit back). Ready to see exactly how it’s done?


Keep scrolling to see Bobby demonstrate just how easy it is to swap out your lighting (and shop all of his favorite affordable sconces, pendants, and chandeliers).



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Swapping Lighting: An Easy How-To

Ready to give your space a more custom look? Here’s how to easily (and safely, of course) remove an existing light fixture and replace it with something much more stylish.


1. Turn Off The Electricity
First and foremost, be sure to turn off the power to the fixture you’ll be removing. You’ll want to locate your breaker box and flip the corresponding breaker to the off position. And if you’re not sure if the power is actually off, just try the light switch to be totally sure.


2. Unscrew The old fixture
Next, remove any glass shades that are attached and unscrew the canopy using a screwdriver or power drill.  Depending on the size, you may want to have an extra set of hands around to help too. 


Unscrew the wire caps and disconnect the three wires (black, white, and copper) that connect the fixture and the junction box
. You can now remove the light and set it aside. (Make sure to keep your old fixture if you’re renting so you can replace it before you move out).



In some cases, you will need to remove the bracket that holds the fixture to the ceiling and replace it with a different version that comes with your new light. It’s typically held in place by two sets of screws.


5. Attach new fixture & Reconnect wires
Depending on the fixture you’re adding, you’ll want to attach to the bracket and reconnect the wires (or sometimes vise versa). Make sure you wrap the wires together several times and tightly secure the end caps so they stay in place. Push all wires up into the junction box and screw in. your ceiling cap.


6. Turn THE power back on
With the new fixture in place, you can now flip the breaker back on back in the glow of your brand new lighting -and a job well done! 

Want to see how a pro does it? Check out this video of Bobby in action taking his dining room light from drab to totally fab!


  1. Yes!

    New lighting fixtures are so reinvigorating! ❤️

    Unfortunately our home has an aluminum/copper wiring mix. In most cases, we have to install AlumiConns to all fixtures. If they fit in your box, it’s soooo worth it to get a nice, new copper wired fixture!

  2. Are there any rules to know about swapping light fixtures when it comes to the size of the base/mount? I am always worried I will have a gaping hole in the ceiling after removing an old light fixture that won’t get covered by a new sleek one. Thanks Bobby!

    1. I recommend measuring the diameter of the ceiling plate of the existing fixture and matching that for the new fixture. You can also purchase a ceiling medallion which can cover a larger hole in the ceiling if your new fixture plate is too small. xx -B

  3. Love the guide for replacing the lights, going to put it to use this weekend!

  4. I just bought a dramatic 7.5 foot dining table and love the idea of three pendant lights over it for ambiance however there is currently only one chandelier hanging from the beam above. The house will be my own not a rental – is there a way to turn that one fixture into three separate ones?

    1. Without adding two additional junction boxes, your best option would be a long, linear chandelier that has three lights. It won’t have the exact same feel as 3 pendants, but could achieve a similar look. xx -B

  5. Love this article!! Do you have any suggestions for flush mount lighting? My house has all “boob” lights and I’m looking to switch them out. Thanks!

    1. I know that fixture all too well! Check out all my favorite flush mount lighting HERE. xx -B