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The One Thing Every Renter Should Do

Living in a rental can often feel like a deterrent from making changes to your space. Sure, construction might be off the table, but there are lots of easy updates you can make. And there’s one thing every renter should do that will really make your rental feel like home.

Attention all renters! Now is the time to make this easy change to your home. It will only take minutes, and can give your kitchen, bathroom or built ins a whole new look (for a lot less). It’s time to discover the one thing every renter should do.



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the one thing every renter should do

Change Out Your Hardware

No matter the size or style of your rental, changing out the hardware is a simple swap everyone should be doing. You can quickly give dated kitchen cabinets a modern feel, transform a bathroom vanity or create a streamlined look for built ins or closet doors. And the best part? You don’t have to drill any new holes. Just use a screwdriver or drill to remove the old pulls or knobs  and then attach the new hardware.


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“Changing your hardware is such an easy swap that will have a big impact. And you can easily change it back once you move out!”