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The (Real) Impact Of Clutter On Your Mental Health

It’s unpleasant, unattractive, and almost everyone has it. We’re talking about the c-word: Clutter. And it’s not just stuff filling up your drawers, countertops, and closets – it’s also filling up your mind. A disorganized home can be a major cause of poor emotional well-being, and we’re about to break down the real impact of clutter on your mental health. 

We get it. Life happens, kids play, we get busy, items start to accumulate, and before you know it you have piles of stuff taking over every room. It’s a cycle that can make you feel trapped, overwhelmed, and over time, take a toll on your mental wellness too. But clutter doesn’t have to define your home – or your emotional health! As an advocate for the connection between your home and your health, tackling clutter and getting organized has always been important to Bobby (and something you can read a lot more about in his new book) And today, we’re showing you exactly how clutter affects your brain – and how to handle it once and for all! 



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Clutter & Your Mental Health

There’s a strong (and medically proven) connection between an organized home and emotional well-being. And clutter is a major culprit in preventing you from getting organized and feeling your best. Clutter can lead to increased stress, difficulty focusing, procrastination, low self-esteem, and even have an impact on your relationships. If you identify as a perfectionist or “neat freak”, clutter can also have an even bigger impact on you. Holding on to objects or letting things accumulate adds emotional weight that looks bad and ends up dragging us down.


And while there are many varied emotional and physical reasons why we have clutter, anyone can tackle it. Anyone. (Just keep scrolling to see how!)

“Clutter isn’t just about physical objects or disorganization. It’s also a symptom and cause of poor mental wellness. ”

How To Truly Tackle Clutter

Making a few small changes to your routine is the best way to start tackling clutter. Here are 3 effective methods for getting started on your journey toward a clear and organized home and mind.



    Go through every room once or twice a year to discover what you have and haven’t been using (do you really need those 7 water bottles?) Remove anything that is broken, empty, or just not needed, and you’ll be eliminating a major source of disorder – and making space for the things that really matter.



    Keeping objects grouped together means you’ll know exactly where they are (and where to put them back when you’re done). This goes for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and any other space you’re stashing goods.



    Tidying up really can work wonders for your space. Have everyone in your household take just ten minutes to sort through any stray items, and you’ll magically see clutter start to disappear.