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The Top Paint Color Trends For 2023

Photo: Marisa Vitale, Studio Mcgee, Old Brand New, Stefani Stein

Ready for a design riddle? What’s wet, but can also be dry, colorful but sometimes neutral, and has the power to transform your home? Paint!  And this year, there are a handful of paint colors that are capturing our attention (and will likely end up in lots of interiors). It’s time to reveal the top paint color trends for 2023!

Looking to give one of your rooms a refresh? A dose of color and a fresh coat of paint is a great option for creating a whole new look for the new year. So we’re sharing our predictions – from the new neutral to the ideal green –  that are likely to be the top paint color trends for 2023!



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paint color trends for 2023

A GO-TO Green

Yes, we’ve talked a lot about green over the years. And 2023 will be no exception! The shade we have our sights on this year is a mid-tone, mossy green that reads both warm and cool – and is perfect for punching up kitchens (like our small kitchen makeover).



Photo: Sam Frost
Design: Stefani Stein

paint color trends for 2023


Looking for a neutral shade that adds a lot more depth and warmth to any room? Consider this color the new ideal option – and one that we’re turning to in 2023. A soft, creamy white that feels just right, it will work well in traditional, modern, organic, or anything in between.



paint color trends for 2023


Red might not be for everyone, but we predict this terrific tone might just change your mind! A hue inspired by berries, it can feel distinguished or playful depending on how you use it, and has a rich, saturated feel that makes it ideal for bedrooms, offices or dining rooms.



Design: Studio Mcgee

paint color trends for 2023


2023 will be about going deep – at least when it comes to gray paint.  Soft and subtle grays will be replaced by a cool and encompassing dark gray. This handsome shade is sure to pop up on custom cabinetry, in a moody bedroom or two, and many other rooms looking for a dramatic and dark tone.