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These Clever Dish Racks Will Save Space (And Totally Upgrade The Way You Dry Dishes!)

Small kitchens can make everything a little more challenging – like doing the dishes (especially if you don’t have a dishwasher). But even with pint-sized sinks and compact counter space, you can make an everyday task a lot easier. And we’ve got some very clever products that will not only upgrade your dishwashing (and drying) experience – but also save you a ton of space too.

Standard dish drying racks typically take up loads of counter or sink space. But we’ve found 3 options that are full of function – and a fraction of the size or foldable for easy storage. So shop our smart picks and make drying a breeze – starting at just $12!



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Slim Dish Drainer Basket

At only 6.5″ wide, this drainer can get popped into just about any sink or counter, providing a streamlined spot for drying. And while it may be slim, it’s big on function, featuring a removable silverware tray, grooved slots to keep plates upright, and an attached spout that drains out any excess water.



Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack 

This genius roll-up rack isn’t just for small kitchens. In fact, it’s a great tool for drying any larger pots and pans in any size space. Just unroll it over the sink, use it as an instant surface for drying, and roll it back up when you’re done!




Collapsible Dish Drying Rack 

When space is really at a premium, you need an option that’s compact and collapsible. (Look no further, you’ve found it!) Just pull out this drying rack when it’s time to clean your dishes, then push it down to collapse flat and store it under the sink.