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This 2-In-1 Broom Will Change The Way You Clean Your Home

The trusty broom has been a cleaning staple for centuries now. And while it’s certainly a design that works well, we’ve just discovered a version that’s been given a modern makeover (and is even more effective). This 2-In-1 broom will make managing messes a lot easier- and change the way you clean your home.  

Say goodbye to your dustpan! Because this new and improved broom doesn’t require you to bend over and won’t leave dirt and debris behind. It’s the tool you’re going to totally love – and won’t ever want to clean without! So get ready to discover (and shop) the smart 2-In-1 Broom!




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The Smart 2-In-1 Broom

What sets this broom apart from other versions? The VaBroom has a simple and genius modern touch: a built-in vacuum. Simply use the broom as you normally would to sweep up any dust, dirt, or messes, and then tilt the broom to utilize the vacuum nozzle to suck it all up. Nothing gets missed, no dustpan is required, and your floors end up spotless! It’s also easy to empty the chamber with just one touch once it’s full, and the broom features a long-lasting lithium battery that can be recharged.