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This Clever Cleaning Tool is Perfect For Hard To Reach Areas

Tackling dirt and debris in high-traffic areas is one thing. But how do you eliminate dust in those hard-to-reach (and often out of sight) places? We’ve discovered a clever cleaning tool that makes it so much easier, and will work in even the slimest spot in your home!

Thanks to its unique design and adjustable length, this tool can truly fit in any tight spot where dust can accumulate, from behind appliances to under couch cushions, to the highest shelves. Get ready to meet the newest clever cleaning tool – that will only cost you $13!



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Flexible Dust Cleaner 

What sets this cleaning tool apart? A whole lot of features that will come in handy – starting with the extremely thin and flexible brush. At just 1/8″ thick and 2.5″ wide, it can easily bend into any tight spot. The microfiber cloth efficiently traps dust, and can also be washed and reused. Plus, for areas that are tough to reach, the extendable handle easily adjusts from 9 to 41 inches, giving you an extra long tool to keep all areas of your home dust free.