Thoughtful Gifts: 6 Easy Ideas (That Cost Next To Nothing)

It’s easy to get caught up in shopping for the newest and coolest gift items during the holiday season. But sometimes, the best gifts you can give are the ones that are less about the price tag and all about the sentiment behind them. 

If your budget is tight this year, or you’re looking for a gift that is a little more personal than something straight off the shelf, we’re sharing 6 easy gift ideas to bring a little joy to anyone on your list. Whether it’s your mom, best friend, cousin or co-worker, these personal gifts are the ones they’ll remember for years to come.

There’s still time to make these gifts happen before the big day, so keep scrolling to see our heart warming ideas. And in case you missed all of our other gift guides from the last few weeks, check out Bobby’s Favorites, Sustainable Gifts, Home Chef & Fitness Fanatic Gifts, Kids & Kids At Heart Gifts and Last Minute Gifts for even more ideas. Happy shopping!

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Sometimes seeing something in writing makes it extra special- especially when it comes to thoughtful words. Write down memories, happy thoughts or just random notes on slips of paper and place them in a decorative jar or container so they’ll be an attractive addition to their decor.  The notes can be opened anytime they want, and will be worth so much more than a fancy gift.


Share your favorite tunes in a custom created playlist for the music lover on your list. You could curate a collection of songs based on a theme, or pick special songs that you both have a personal connection to. It’s also a gift that keeps on giving- They’ll think of you every time it comes on.



Maybe you’ve noticed your friend has always complimented your wine glasses, or your Mom absolutely loves the blanket on the guest bed. Well, why not be the ultimate mensch and give them the item they always have their eye on. You already know they love it, and it’ll make you feel great knowing the joy it’ll bring them.


Instead of a traditional photo album, gift a digital album full of meaningful snapshots. It’s a lot easier than printing out pics, and it will always be on their phone for them to see anytime. To make it even easier, your iPhone will even automatically compile photos into an album based on location that you can instantly share!



Are you great at organizing? Love to bake? A wiz with technology? Gift your skills to someone on your list who could use them. Help your parents (finally) set up their smart home, teach your favorite cookie recipe to your cousin or help grandma get those overflowing closets cleared out. It’s a gift that will definitely help them out long after the holiday has passed.



For the significant other that’s been begging you to watch the newest TV show, gift them a true Christmas miracle and agree to binge it over the holiday break (even if you have no clue what it’s about or interest- it’s about giving after all). Just pop some popcorn, switch your phone to silent, and spend some quality time with them catching up on the latest season.


  1. Thank you Bobby. My adult son is feeling very down in the dumps bc he cannot afford to buy gifts this year. I chimed in on your idea of writing, am going to send this article, too!
    Blessings to you and yours!

  2. We grow and gain new skills. Yout skill set is over the top . I am so proud of the skills you give as a gift to others. Love the show !