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TikTok Made Me Buy It: 5 Clever Items You Never Knew You Needed

When searching for what’s trending, there’s one app we always turn to: TikTok. It’s the go-to source for everything from dance crazes to catchy clips to viral videos – and also a great place to scope out the newest must-have products. You know, the things that will make you say TikTok made me buy it! And we’ve rounded up 5 clever items going viral – and that you never knew you needed.  

Scrolling through TikTok can result in much more than a few laughs or repeat viewings of a video. You can also discover clever products that are purposeful – and hard to resist. So get ready to hit add to cart, as we share 5 trending items that you never knew you needed. 



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tiktok made me buy it

Bag Sealer Mini

Want to keep that newly opened bag of chips really fresh? Ditch the clip and use this bag sealer instead. In just seconds, you can heat seal any plastic bag – ensuring snacks, dry goods, or sweets won’t go stale.



tiktok made me buy it

Remote Control Ring

Prepare to say goodbye to scrolling. This handy ring allows you to flip through Tiktok posts, turn pages on the Kindle app, change the volume, answer a call, or even snap a photo – without touching your screen. Just tap the ring with your thumb for the wizardry that is wireless control.




tiktok made me buy it

Cleaning Gel

Who knew a container of colorful goo could be the key to cleaning all sorts of awkward areas? TikTok, of course. Just pull out this gel and plop it on your keyboard, car dash, or any hard-to-reach area and it will snatch up all sorts of dirt and debris. Then just rinse it off and reuse!



tiktok made me buy it

Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler

We’ve all experienced the dread and frustration of dropping something under a car seat (followed by shoving fingers in to fish it out). But those days are OVER. This life-saver slides in between your seat and center console to seal up that space – and keep anything from free-falling fries to car keys from disappearing.



tiktok made me buy it

Brita Sink Water Filter

Ready for filtered water, straight from the tap, for just $30? Here’s a product that can make it happen. In a few seconds, the filter installs on your kitchen faucet and gets to work removing 99% of lead, chlorine, and particles, leaving you with just fresh and tasty drinking water.