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TV Living Rooms Reimagined: Our Stylish Take On ‘Sex And The City’

Photo: HBO

It’s time for another modern take on one of your favorite TV interiors, And this week, we couldn’t help but wonder: what would a stylish and sexy writer’s New York apartment look like today? You’re about to find out – as we get “carrie”-d away with a modern take on Carrie’s apartment from ‘Sex And The City’.

Whether you’re a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, or Charlotte, you know that ‘Sex And The City’ was centered on the fabulous and fashionable lives of 4 friends. But Carrie’s apartment wasn’t exactly known for being as stylish as her outfits. That’s about to change today, as we make some big (pun intended) updates to her living room.


So keep scrolling for our modern take on this sexy space – including all the shoppable products!



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Photo: HBO
Photo: HBO

The Original Living Room

For all you SATC die-hard fans out there, yes, Carrie’s apartment did change over the years (including a major makeover in the first movie). But we’ll be looking at the original iteration when she used her oven to store shoes and the closet took top priority. The studio itself didn’t have a real style direction, with a mix of dark woods, Mid-Century pieces, and items Carrie probably pieced together over the years (like any resourceful, cash-strapped New Yorker). A leather chair acquired from her then-boyfriend Aiden is the one notable piece of furniture, along with the ever-present, but not very distinctive, desk from which she churned out her weekly column.

The Redesign

We imagine Carrie’s digs would look quite a bit different in 2021. With a lot more color (and style) this space would really stand out just as much as one of those signature outfits.

Starting with the bedroom area of this open studio, we gave the bed itself a comfy upgrade courtesy of a channel-tufted headboard. A trio of fashion sketches above the bed seemed like an obvious addition for someone so style-obsessed, along with some cool and colorful pillows. Never one to shy away from print or pattern, the floral bench is the ideal perch at the end of the bed for Carrie to slip on some fabulous footwear.  (And we had to include a colorful version of her classic rotary phone.)

A polished white desk complete with a pretty pink desk chair would provide a perfect spot for penning her next column. While in the living area, things remain relatively simple – but still ready for a cocktail or a long conversation with your 3 best friends. A marble and brass coffee table serves as the central point, with a pair of sleek armchairs flanking. The lighting also takes a nod from the runway, with a very fun lamp made entirely of fringe on the walnut console. And a framed drawing of a pair of Manolos, well why not bring your favorite accessory into your decor?





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  2. I’d love to see how you’d refresh the living room from “Hot in Cleveland” with your impeccable style!