Share Your Thoughts In Our 2021 Reader Survey

A new year means new and exciting things to come here on But before we get to all that good stuff, we want to hear from you! So let us know your thoughts by filling out our 2021 Reader Survey (and have a chance to win big). 

What do you love about our posts? What would you like to see improved? We want to know! In order to make the website even more entertaining and informative this year, we’re asking you to give us your thoughts on design, home improvement, fitness, shopping, and everything in between. Plus, everyone who completes the survey will be entered to win a 30-minute design consultation with Bobby! 


So please take a few moments to fill out the survey below and help us start the new year with you in mind!


  1. Look forward to a consultation in my coastal home on the water in California.

  2. I am doing a full house remodel and am stalking BB designs for ideas. First remodel in 25 years in the house.

  3. Hello

    Please submit my name for the 30 min consultation with Bobby for completing the survey

  4. I look forward to scanning your blog and reading the specific articles that catch my eye on any given day. Love your articles on anything having to do with interior desgin/style! The shopping links are neat, and I’ll eventually use them….post-pandemic probabl. It’s all easy to navigate, and so visually appealing. Thanks for provding a bright spot in the daily email deluge.

    1. I’m looking for Inspiration. Great Website. I love Bobbys style and ideas

  5. Thank you Bobby for your wonderful website.

    1. I am so amazed of the creativity ,great taste and the way you transform a room into something super fantastic and cozy !!

  6. I love Bobby! I love his work and style!

  7. Thanks so much. I’m adding on to our house and the site has been really helpful

  8. Bobby is my fave member of the Fab 5!

  9. Love all the looks ..I think I enjoy soft woods and clean lines I went from every room in the house with color to all white in the kitchen and living room so I can change styles easier .

  10. Bobby has amazing style and is able to do it on a budget. I’m expecting my second son after a miscarriage and I could really use some help with the home before he arrives. Pick me pick me!

  11. Well I don’t have a house or place I own, the challenge is renting and working with fixtures and colors that are already here. Plus it’s pretty small so I’d love some ideas on furniture arrangement.

  12. Bobby is my spirit animal!

    His designs are clean and crisp yet warm and inclusive. I believe if he came to Oak Park he would breath new life into FLW design.

  13. Thank you for this opportunity of a lifetime! I am working in school right now to be an interior designer. It is my absolute dream and I just love the looks you have done one Queer Eye!!

  14. I would love to see Bobby up in Canada to help us fix up our home to accommodate our preteens and make the most of our space!

  15. I would love to win a consult. My house needs a refresh. Greetings from Santa Bárbara CA

  16. Looking forward to a happy, healthy (mentally and physically), sane 2021.

  17. Can’t wait for you to help me push the envelope with our home lewk!

    It’s gonna be great.

    All kidding aside, you already have inspired me so much. Tempaper all day!

  18. We are looking to do a new kitchen and bar section. Would love your help!

  19. I appreciate it that items recommended are reasonably priced. I’m purchasing a new dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator and would appreciate advice on best appliances for my kitchen.

  20. Always looking for inspiration to update and change our spaces.

  21. Happy new year!!! Keep it rocking!

  22. Thank you for this opportunity! We need more people like Bobby out there! It would be a dream to have Bobby’s tips on a home I just purchased!

    Xoxo Kelsey

  23. Would love to get design help/tips for my first home I’m buying after Grad School. Thanks!

  24. I would be THRILLED to work with Bobby!!

  25. Please please pick me Bobby.

  26. I don’t know what my style is, but I love it…… mostly.
    The one and only problem I have is with the couch. I have an apartment that is one big open space and I have sliding walls. I cannot change them, because they monumental/protected.

  27. Wishing and hoping for much needed advice on how to revamp our home office to be a more stylish and functional space. Working at home with my husband and kiddo has done a number on our space! Things are crowded!

  28. Thanks for your website – love it. Definitely could use the consult as we lost all in a fire in June, waiting for our rebuilt home to be done and starting over with new everything. Would need advise and expertise for 2021.

  29. Thank you Bobby for all of your inspiration! I have gotten so many ideas while following your journey. I just bought my house in August. I am a twenty-five year old single mom and I am just figuring out my style and “look.| I hope I am given this opportunity!

    Thank you for the chance!

  30. Thanks for the opportunity to hear from us & reaching out to your readers/followers!

  31. Have just purchased a winter getaway home
    in Florida and would love to have some design

  32. Just discovering your site, love you and all the guys on Queer Eye, I’m excited to explore the website!
    Would love a consult on our new retirement home!

  33. Would love the consult. Being a single mom, I’m not able to financially update the majority of my furniture. Being in between jobs and job hunting makes any shopping impossible for me anymore.

  34. would love a consult to help decorate my newly renovated home. Kitchen is breathtaking, and living rooms are new, but needs a little BB spark! 🙂

  35. First time home owner just outside LA, on a teachers budget, trying to not sacrifice style and function for budget design.

  36. Love Bobby’s style and attitude, fingers x for an international consult to sunny North Queensland

  37. Looking for ideas for my home office and family room.

  38. Bobby inspires me how he puts the whole look together and mixes elements from bargan finds, to DIY, to higher end looks. I like every piece to mean something, but not every piece needs to be expensive. Just awesome 😉

  39. We’re first-time homeowners in a 1950s craftsman style kit house. Trying to create the right look in our unique home while raising young children is not easy. I love looking at this site for ideas. A consultation would be amazing.

  40. Would be needed for a complicated living room in an urban flatshare.

  41. My boyfriend bought a house in 2020 but it’s having a hard time with the interior design, and his birthday is coming up in a few days, would love to gift him the consultation with Bobby!

  42. I’m looking forward to your website in 2021!

  43. Moved from a large home to a condo in Los Angeles in hopes to travel in 2020… Opps! no! So need a full remodel to feel at home.

  44. Hey Bobby! Love your site and all your tips 🙂 I have kept all your tips in mind when decorating and organizing my first apartment with my partner!! I also send your tips to my dad, who is a civil engineer and contractor and designs homes/ kitchens… he loves it!

  45. I love the makeovers on Queer eye. I would like to see more before and after pictures.

  46. Hi Bobby! Love your designs. Wish you can design my home. And also, you puppy looks like my puppy.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Sending lots of love to you and your puppy xx -B

  47. Have contractors in my house now doing major renovations. Decorating will be next and I am clueless.

  48. I would be so grateful if I got a design consultation. My husband and I got our first home. It’s our baby. We live in SoCal and would love your expert advice. We love your design styles. Thank you for being such an incredible human. Would love to see more Fab5 or a show focusing on you and your work. Thanks again!

  49. My family is building their first home! I’m excited for ideas for my room. Love your work!!

  50. I’m looking to create some kind of office space/area in my small studio apartment

  51. Fingers crossed
    Would love the 30 min consultation

  52. Hope I win!! I need help with my wee kitchen refresh project in Michigan! Enjoy Canada…my home sweet home and I miss it so!