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What Would Bobby Do?: How To Spend $50, $100, $250 Or $500 In Your Bathroom

Design: Studio Duggan

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that great design isn’t dictated by the amount of dollars you spend. No matter what your budget looks like, there are ways to stylishly transform a space – including the rooms you thought were just too expensive to tackle. So today, we’re going straight to the expert himself (Bobby, of course!) for tips to upgrade a notoriously expensive space – your bathroom -and how to get the biggest bang for your buck, whatever it may be.


Ready to take on a bathroom re-design but not sure where to start? Bobby to the rescue! He’s showing you exactly what to focus on to make a better-looking bathroom – even if you have as little as $50 to spend. And these aren’t overall ambitious ideas. It just takes a few hours (and some simple skills) to add these upgrades and give your bathroom a real boost.


Keep scrolling to see the easy bathroom upgrades Bobby would make with four different budgets (and his favorite products to help you achieve it).


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WHAT TO DO…With $50

$50 might not seem like much. But if you’re willing to take on a Do-It-Yourself attitude, you can give your bathroom a fresh feel for practically nothing!


    If you’re living in an older home or apartment, chances are you have some tile that’s totally stuck in the past (and not in a good way). And while removing it may be way too costly, there is an affordable solution that’s a real (paint) stroke of genius. Simply paint over the existing tile and you’ve got a totally new look for a fraction of the price. Before you get brushing, keep in mind that you’ll want to prep and sand the tiles first – and be sure you open windows and have a fan running to ensure proper ventilation. Check out the step-by-step guide to getting started HERE.


Not sure painting is right for you? For a less permanent solution, see how to use peel and stick tile to transform a room HERE.

WHAT TO DO…With $100

A $100 budget can help you see things a little more clearly – or add a shiny-new accessory. Try these tips for making the most of your 100 bucks. 


    Two of the easiest ways to elevate your sink? Swap out your existing mirror or faucet for a much more stylish substitute. Opting for a new finish or more modern style can give even the most basic bathroom a real boost (with no renovation required). And Bobby can speak from experience: by simply replacing the faucets in his bath with something sleek and black, he gave an otherwise all-white space a lot more interest. Just make sure you choose a new faucet or mirror that fits the wall space or existing holes to avoid that dreaded “uh oh!” when you’re ready to install.



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WHAT TO DO…With $250

With $250 to spend, there are plenty of pretty upgrades at your disposal. But the brightest idea of the bunch – and Bobby’s choice – is a better-looking way to shed some light.


    You don’t just need good lighting in a bathroom – you also need it to be good looking too. And a simple swap of your sconces can really do wonders style-wise. Try incorporating a new fixture that is equal parts form and function (and is also damp-rated for bathroom use). And if electrical work has got you overwhelmed, know that changing a light fixture isn’t nearly as hard as you may think: Check out this easy guide for everything you need to know to start swapping safely.



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WHAT TO DO…With $500 – $1000

With a little bit more in your budget, you can make some moves that will bring big results. So take your dollars and focus on a multi-purpose piece that can add style and so much more.


    Whether it’s washing, brushing, shaving, or just storing your essentials, no items get more use on a daily basis than your vanity. And swapping it out for something more updated is a solid solution for making your space more useful (and stylish, of course). For the easiest upgrade, purchase a pre-made option (complete with a countertop) that simply will slide into place. Also, keep in mind that since this is a larger item, you also may want to hire a laborer or handyperson to handle the installation.


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  1. I love all of your ideas. My teenagers sons twins keep complaining to me to do something with our ugly bathroom. I painted the walls but the vanity and mirrors are ancient. I think cleopatra had a better one. I just do not have the money to change it. I need new lightings, mirror and a vanity. Any ideas? Thanks. Love your website. So helpful.

    1. Paint is a great place to start! You can definitely find affordable mirrors that are very simple and frameless, like this option. And a cheaper option for replacing your light fixture would be to spray paint it a more modern finish (like black or brass) or to remove the shades and add larger frosted lightbulbs. Hope this helps! Thanks for reading Anna. xx -B

  2. hi Bobby, thanks for this article. I am in the middle of an upgrade of the guest wc and this came just in ther right time. I have a 100€ budget and i´m planing to change the mirror, to paint with Kalk Paint and add a shlelf to put some fragance sticks.

    Thank you and greetings from Germany!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Sending my love to you and your new bathroom! xx -B

  3. What if your bathroom is full of 80’s hunter green tile? Without totally replacing it, is there a way to design around it?

    1. Bringing in more modern elements (like new hardware, faucet, or mirrors) can definitely help. xx -B

  4. I painted my old vanity a rich brown from medium oak and it woke up the whole room!

    1. Lovely color! Thanks so much for sharing. xx -B