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What Would Bobby Do?: How To Spend $50, $100, $500 Or $1000 In Your Bedroom

Now that we’ve shown you what Bobby would do in your kitchen, you‘re probably itching to see how he would take on the rest of your home (and we won’t leave you hanging). So today, we’re tackling another space, and giving you a glimpse into how he would spend four budgets – and make impactful upgrades – in your bedroom. 


Think a bedroom makeover requires big bucks? Not with Bobby’s help! Even if you have as little as $50 to spend, you can create easy updates that will add interest and create a more stylish space (for more than sleeping). Ready to see Bobby’s tips for making the most of every dollar?


Keep scrolling to see the easy bedroom upgrades Bobby would make with four different budgets.


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WHAT TO DO…With $50

How far can $50 take you? Further than you think. A whole new look is achievable with a Do-It-Yourself attitude – and an easy idea for creating lots of interest.


    With a can of paint and a few hours, you can turn an empty wall into a headboard that creates an instant upgrade (and looks very cool). Simply mask out your shape using painter’s tape and get rolling. And depending on the color, shape, and size, you can go as dramatic (say, a bright color arch) or subtle (like a toned-down rectangle) as you like. 


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Design: Brady Tolbert

WHAT TO DO…With $100

$100 can easily shed new light – and bring in a stylish light fixture that’s sure to make a statement. Try this tip to take your lighting to the next level.


    Opt for a single or pair of wall sconces for a sculptural look that certainly stands out. It’s a simple (and cost-effective) way to make a bedroom feel more custom – and also free up surface space on your nightstands. Plus they’re full of function, doubling as a reading light and a source of ambient glow.


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Shop Bobby’s Favorite Wall Sconces

WHAT TO DO…With $500

Have $500 on hand? Then you’re just a peel and stick away from a focal wall that will freshen things up. Give this idea a go and you’ll have a wonderful feature to wake up (and fall asleep) to.


  • Peel & Stick WALLPAPER
    Whether you choose a punchy pattern, fun color, or textural take, adding wallpaper behind the bed is a design idea you should stick to. It’s the perfect option for drawing focus to one wall – and making your bedroom truly your own. Plus peel and stick paper gives you all the visual appeal of traditional wallpaper (with none of the messy or costly installation).


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Design: Ginny Macdonald

WHAT TO DO…With $1,000

With a bit more dollars on hand, you can take your bedroom to the next level. Consider a style upgrade to the one item that will help your sleep more stylishly.


    With $1,000 to spend, a new bed is your best bet for a big change. As the largest piece in the room, you’ll want to invest in an option that makes the most sense for you and your design style (and you’ll want to wake up to every morning). Whether you go upholstered, wood, leather, or metal, don’t sleep on the chance to give your bedroom a transformation.


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    1. Thanks for reading!! Stay safe & inspired. xx -B

  1. Hi Bobby! Thanks for sharing all of these great tips. What might you recommend for disguising heavily textured walls and ceilings? The previous owners of my house tried to disguise mistakes by adding this texture, but they went a bit overboard. It covers each room, and some doorway/window trim pieces – it’s a nightmare! I can replace the trim, but can’t afford to resurface the walls/ceilings. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks again!

    1. I would recommend painting it all white or a light color and using a flat or matte finish. Details of the texture and imperfections will be less noticeable. Thanks for your comment! xx -B

      1. Thank you so much for sharing this – I’m really looking forward to trying this in my home. And of course, thanks for being you, and for all of the wonderful work you do to help elevate peoples’ lives & spirits! <3

        1. Thanks for reading! Hope you found my ideas helpful and sending lots of love. xx -B

  2. Hi Bobby,
    Love your design style. I am looking forward to moving into my new home in May and have been saving your tips and pictures for when I can start purchasing and decorating. Thank you for being so generous with your time and expertise.


    1. Of course love! Congratulations on your new home. Hope you can create a cozy and beautiful space for yourself. xx -B

  3. Please can you help, I have floor to ceiling mirrored fitted wardrobes, would love to replace but can’t afford to do that, thinking about covering with voils or something but not sure. What would you do?? And thank you for all the other tips and advice on here.x

    1. I would consider covering with a peel and stick wallpaper. It’s an easy way to change it up that can also be removed if needed. Thanks for commenting! xx -B

  4. Hey Bobby! I love the three lamp wall sconce in the picture above. Where can I buy it?

    1. You can shop that wall sconce Here. Thnaks for your comment. xx -B

  5. Bobby, can you address the size of carpet works for a sectional sofa?

    Thank you,

    1. For a larger piece like a sectional, you want your rug to at least be touching the front legs and to ideal to extend at least 8 inches past the edge of each side. this of course depends on the size of your room and your other furnishings as well, but those parameters are always a good starting point. xx -B